GREENSBURG – In response to the growing demands for internet access as a result of the coronavirus, Enhanced Telecommunications Corporation (ETC) is working to establish free “parking lot” hotspots in Decatur County.

“The coronavirus has created an increased demand for internet access,” said Jenni Hanna, Public Relations Coordinator for ETC. “As more individuals are working from home and students are e-learning, we are working with several partners to meet those needs.”

The Decatur County Fairgrounds is already up and running as a temporary hotspot with assistance from Total Tech. With ample parking, the grounds will also be lit and available 24/7, thanks to the help of Decatur County REMC.

“When ETC approached us about the idea of hosting a hotspot, we were quickly on board,” said Mike Cuskaden, fair board member. “The more we thought about it, we felt like nighttime access was something we wanted to offer to meet the needs of our college students and others who work at night. That’s why we approached the REMC about helping us keep the fairgrounds lit up around the clock.”

“Decatur County REMC is pleased to be a partner in this effort,” said Rachel Sullivan, Decatur County REMC Corporate Relations Manager. “’We’re happy to provide the electricity, making this a true community partnership.”

Also now open is an ETC-powered parking lot hotspot at the New Point Community Center. “We are happy to do our part to help the community,” said Town Council President Freida Kegley.

These temporary hotspots are intended for use from the parking lot only. Entrance inside any building is prohibited. Users accessing internet from these locations should do so from their vehicles.

To access internet on most devices, go to Settings, search for Wi-Fi options, and select ETC Complimentary Hotspot.

Anyone with questions about a hotspot site should direct inquiries to ETC (866-ETC-4YOU).

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