GREENSBURG - To promote the upcoming Champions of Youth (formerly Big Brothers Big Sisters) “Over-21 Wild-West-Bowl-for-Youth” on Saturday, March 3 at Parkside Lanes Bowling Alley in Greensburg, organizers proposed an interesting alternative to previous fundraisers.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Decatur County split from the national organization late in 2018.

Having been a chapter of the larger national group since it was founded in 1981, as the larger organization shifted its focus toward big business and larger affiliations, smaller offices in remote areas were left behind. Rather than continuing to divert resources to meet changing national directives, the local BBBS board of directors voted to dissolve their national affiliation and continue on their own as “Champions of Youth.”

“The directives from the national office had started to impact our local organization in a way that hindered our mission of helping the greatest number of kids possible in Decatur County,” BBBS executive director Lisa Hermesch said. “In Decatur County, we value our one-to-one connections with community members, sponsors, and mentors.”

Champions of Youth is maintaining the schedule of fundraising events already established in Decatur County, just under a different name and as an organization more attuned to local concerns and personages, the group is now free to create for themselves a new, fresh, and extremely relevant mission.

Thinking “outside the box” and always trying to inspire her board members, Executive Director for COY Lisa Hermesch proposed they schedule a time at the Champions of Youth Office “Jail,” set a monetary amount as a goal, and then, using social media, get pledges from friends and social media contacts to donate and “bail” them out.

But Champions of Youth Board member Kelly Wampler and her sister, Leslie Thackery, came up with a more creative idea.

“I wasn’t going to sit in that office and try to get people to bail me out of jail; I wanted to do something a lot more fun,” Wampler told the Daily News.

So, Alex Sefton, talented 20-year-old business student at I.U. East, photographer by avocation, and intern at the Decatur County Community Foundation, received a phone call.

“I’ve always been interested in photography, but just recently have been getting into web design and videography. And I just happened to have the day off. I’m always looking for some way to keep busy on my days off,” Sefton said.

Wampler, Thackery and Sefton, with armloads of cameras and lighting equipment, gathered at Gilliland-Howe Funeral Home for a Friday afternoon of hilarity and fun.

After approximately 20 takes, the three “cowpokes” put together a video to appear on Facebook.

“I want it to be finished and up by at least Monday, the 11th of February,” Sefton said.

To compete in the Wild West Youth Bowl, contestants should round up teams of 5 “Buckaroo Bowlers, and pay a minimum of $50 to bowl in a check made out to “Champions of Youth” by Saturday, March 2.

Checks can be mailed to P.O. Box 301, Greensburg, Indiana, 47240 or dropped by the office at 1201 N. Lincoln St., Suite D in Greensburg.

Contact Bill Rethlake at 812-663-3111 ext 7011 or email