WESTPORT — A gas leak was reported at South Decatur Jr./Sr. High School Monday afternoon, according to the Letts Community Volunteer Fire Department.

Decatur County Community Schools (DCCS) Superintendent Dr. Jarrod Burns offered an explanation of what happened.

“The teachers and administrators did a great job contacting the fire department when the leak was noticed,” Burns said. “It was an unforeseen accident. Someone was trying to drill through a wall and punctured a gas line. Everything is shut off to those rooms, and everything will be fixed within 48 hours. No one is in any danger.”

According to Letts Fire Chief Matthew L. Morrow, the fire department responded to the call and was directed to the area of the odor.

“Our firefighters checked the area with a multi gas detector,” Morrow said. “The detector alerted to the presence of gas. The rooms that were affected were evacuated and Vectren Energy was contacted by Decatur County Communications. The gas leak was isolated by firefighters and maintenance staff. We were able to go directly to the valve and shut it off.”

Morrow said the valve location was known by firefighters due to preplanning and inspection of the school building.

“Vectren arrived and the valve was turned back on to pinpoint the leak,” Morrow said. “After the leak was found, the valve was turned back off and locked out. School administration will be working to have contractors fix the piping. Students and staff were not in any immediate danger. The school administration deserves great praise for calling the fire department to investigate.”

The DCCS superintendent lauded the fire department for their efforts.

“They did a great job coming out immediately,” Burns said. “If anything happens, big or small, they are there to help.”

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