GCHS counselors highlight 2019 stats

File photo | GCHS had seven sites for paid internships as part of their Work Based Learning initiative last school year, and 13 students took advantage of those opportunities. This year, that number is up to 13 sites, and 19 students have paid internships.

GREENSBURG – The Greensburg Community High School Counseling Department gave a quick recap on school statistics during the August board meeting.

On behalf of the school’s counseling department, Director of School Counseling Sue Auffenberg provided numbers on the new graduation requirements, early college endorsement, direct community partnerships, education workforce innovation network, dual credit and partnership with Ivy Tech Columbus, and more.

Auffenberg explained there are currently 41 career technical education pathways, 12 fully established Department of Education career technical education pathways, and that 53 students in the class of 2019 met the new graduation requirements in order to earn their high school diploma, resulting in only a minimal number of waivers being issued.

Different pathway groups consist of Agriculture; Architecture and Construction; Arts, AV Technology and Communications; Business and Marketing; Civic Arts; Education and Teaching; Health Science; Hospitality and Human Services; Information Technology; Manufacturing and Logistics; Public Safety; and STEM.

“One thing that’s very important as a counseling department, we never try to, and I don’t think we ever did, lose sight of why we’re there,” Auffenberg said. “As you know, our No. 1 priority is advocating for students, and that’s what we’ve always tried to do in everything we do. To be very honest, we do have the best job in the world. We really do.”

As for early college endorsement, GCHS is currently one of 30 Early College High Schools in the state. They became the 17th high school to receive that designation in December 2017. There are currently approximately 682 high schools in Indiana.

“That says something about the power of Early College and what we are trying to do for our students,” Auffenberg said in regards to GCHS being one of only 30 schools to receive the Early College recognition.

The director of school counseling also acknowledged the amount of direct community partnerships GCHS has made. The school currently has more than 122 partnerships in the county.

At present, GCHS has a partnership with 63 businesses, 24 industries, six financial institutions, 13 health providers, six staffing agencies, and 10 nonprofits.

The school also had seven sites for paid internships as part of their Work Based Learning initiative last school year, and 13 students took advantage of those opportunities. This year, that number is up to 13 sites, and 19 students have paid internships.

“All of those students are right where they’re supposed to be, doing what they’re supposed to be doing,” Auffenberg said.

The school’s slogan, “Pirates are Primed,” seems to be holding true, as they continue to expand their Education Workforce Innovation Network. The school has expanded their healthcare education pathway, and 20 students participated in their CNA program last school year. All of the equipment for that program was either donated or paid for by the EWIN grant. Similarly, 29 students are involved in the school’s medical terminology class.

In regards to dual credits, Auffenberg explained that 263 of their students received dual credit last school year for a total 0f 2,433 credits. The Class of 2019 as a whole earned 2,323 dual credits, saving them a grand total of $580,750 in post-secondary education fees.

Similarly, when it comes to diploma types, 40 students earned the Academic Honors Diploma and the Technical Honors Diploma, 14 students earned the Academic Honors Diploma, three students earned the Technical Honors Diploma, 59 students earned the Core 40 Diploma, 44 students earned the General Diploma, and two students earned a Certificate of Completion.

Additionally, the GCHS Class of 2019 saw 12 students enlist in the military, 45 students enter the workforce, 11 students enter into a trade program, three students enter into a technical program, three students enter a vocational program, 12 students enter into a two-year program, and 76 students enter into a four-year program.

Also, 34 students earned the Governor’s Work Ethic Certificate (GWEC) last year. The Decatur County United Fund supported those students by offering a $500 scholarship to a GWEC recipient.

GCHS was also recognized as high achieving in two specific areas: FAFSA completion and Scholar Success Program completion. Seventy percent or more of the GCHS school population completed the FAFSA or the SSP program.

“We would like to thank administration and the school board for allowing us and enabling us to do our jobs, and to help our students,” Auffenberg said. “Without keeping that door open and letting us sail our part of the Pirate fleet, so to speak, I don’t think our students would have some of the advantages they’ve had.”


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