Amack's Well

Bridgitte Price fills an order at Amack’s Well, Batesville, which is one of the organizations partnering with Genesis.

For the past 12 years, Genesis: Pathways to Success has focused on expanding educational and economic opportunities to Ripley County residents. Genesis, an initiative of the Ripley County Community Foundation, has now expanded to provide entrepreneurial opportunities to local students, according to a press release.

It is supporting and working with local entrepreneurs in Ripley County to teach young adults about the perseverance and qualifications necessary to become a successful business owner. The “Believing and Achieving Dreams: Entrepreneurs of Ripley County” campaign is designed to share local success stories about Ripley County’s flourishing entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners to spark hope, support and provide tips on how to start and keep businesses alive and thriving.

“The first step in developing an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for success begins here,” states Cheryll Obendorf, Genesis: Pathways to Success executive director. “Young people in Ripley County inspire us every day with their brilliant minds and insight. Our Believing and Achieving Dreams initiative will cultivate that mindset and passion, expand their horizons and empower their success.”

To kick-off the program, Genesis has partnered with two local organizations: Iron Timber’s and Amack’s Well. Short videos were created about each organization to share their inspirational success stories. Each entrepreneur discusses his or her established plans and goals, in addition to challenges that were overcome in order to be a successful business that supports local families and communities.

“Believing and Achieving Dreams” videos for both businesses can be viewed at The full interviews can be viewed on the Genesis YouTube Channel .

Dustin Payne, Iron Timbers owner, says, “If you walk by faith while blocking out all the negativity and have a passion with a willingness to learn and work hard, then you are capable of achieving your dreams!”

Genesis is pleased to offer support for aspiring business owners through beneficial resources like personal and professional development courses and career training courses for the members within the community. These courses located within the Ed2Go platform are being offered in partnership with the Indiana Virtual Academy, enabling individuals the opportunity to access online training for personal and professional development.

To become a partner in this entrepreneurial program, persons can call 812-933-1098, email or stop by the RCCF office at 13 E. George St., Suite B, Batesville.

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