GFD responded to 1,114 incidents in 2019

The Greensburg Fire Department responded to more than 1,100 incidents in 2019, ranging from structure fires to hazardous materials incidents.

GREENSBURG — Greensburg firefighters stayed busy last year.

The Greensburg Fire Department has released their annual report highlighting statistics from 2019.

According to the department’s report, GFD personnel responded to 1,114 incidents last year ranging from structure fires, hazardous materials, emergency medical and technical rescue calls.

In 2019, the GFD responded to 25 structure fires (up from 13 in 2018); 67 vehicle, field and miscellaneous fires (down from 72 in 2018); 395 emergency medical incidents (up from 361 in 2018); 133 rescue situations (up from 128 in 2018); 94 incidents involving hazardous materials (down from 114 in 2018); 167 investigations (up from 94 in 2018); and 233 public assistance/good intent responses (down from 333 in 2018).

There were a total of 1,115 incidents reported in 2018, meaning the 2019 call volume was just one incident shy of meeting the previous year’s number.

While the GFD reports $520,580 was lost as a result of fires in 2019, the dollar value saved came to $6,910,730.

The department also maintained an overall response time of 3 minutes, 54 seconds in the city, and 7 minutes, 37 seconds in Washington Township.

The report also mentioned that with the help of their new fire inspector, more than 1,261 fire inspections were performed along with pre-planning of all class one structures within Greensburg and Washington Township.

Additionally, the GFD provided more than 60 fire prevention outreach programs to more than 11,400 children and adults. These programs were held at local schools along with tours and educational events at their fire stations and also at business locations.

The local fire department also distributed and installed more than 80 smoke detectors throughout Greensburg and Washington Township.

Also, more than $7,500 were spent to make sure firefighters are prepared for various incidents. The GFD reports they have partnered for training with other local responders including surrounding fire departments, the Greensburg Police Department, the Decatur County Sheriff’s Department and Decatur County EMS. Training focused on fire, EMS, hazardous materials, technical rescue, firefighter health and safety, leadership and professional development.

In 2020, the annual report indicates the GFD intends to keep up with the ever changing public service needs.

Programs and projects for the new year includes replacing self-contained breathing apparatus air masks and accessories, adding additional health and safety equipment to improve firefighter health, continuing efforts to secure funding for a firefighter training and tower and grounds, continuing to build and expand public outreach programs to the community, expanding driver training, expanding water rescue capabilities, expanding community involvement and raising their Insurance Services Office score.

It was also recently announced that Nathan Stoermer will serve as the new Greensburg Fire Chief, succeeding Steve Garrett.

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