Greensburg Elementary implementing Project Lead the Way

Photo provided | GES teachers Greg Scudder and Megan Moore, along with students, are excited for Project Lead the Way. The program is being made available this school year. .

GREENSBURG – Years from now, fifth grade students at Greensburg Elementary School will be leading the way.

And Project Lead the Way, which has made its way to GES, could guide them in the right direction.

The Project Lead the Way organization says through their programs, students develop in-demand, transportable skills like problem solving, crucial and creative thinking, collaboration, and communication they’ll use both in school and out of school for the rest of their lives.

According to GES Intermediate Principal Mary Beth Meyer, this year students will complete a robotics and automation module where they will learn the engineering process as part of Project Lead the Way. Students will also become hands-on problem solvers and learn to collaborate with others.

Meyer said the fifth-graders will learn from their mistakes, become confident in trying new things, and apply what they know to find solutions.

Essentially, they will be covering 21st Century skills, as Meyer puts it, in addition to science, math and reading.

“The biggest obstacle was going to be finding funding for the program because it is very expensive,” Meyer said. “However, I knew that this would be another amazing opportunity for our students at GES.”

That’s when a certain school organization stepped in.

Meyer said this was all made possible because of the school’s PTO.

“Our Walk-A-Thon and school spirit nights have allowed us to purchase this program and we are so excited and so very thankful for everyone that supported us with implementation of PLTW,” Meyer said. “GES strives to create opportunities for our students.”

Meyer said she was able to get a grant approximately one year ago that would allow teachers to be trained in Project Lead the Way. Those teachers were Megan Moore and Greg Scudder.

Scudder will be the lead Project Lead the Way teacher this school year.

Moore, the schools tech integrationist, will be providing support.

Meyer said each fifth-grader will complete the robotics module during one of their nine weeks. Students will also have a science lab once a week.

After sending teachers for training, she took that next crucial step in the process.

“Then I approached our PTO to see if they would be willing to fund several kits to allow the fifth grade to complete a Robotics and Automation program,” Meyer said. “This aligns with the junior high and high school curriculum. The PTO was amazing to work with. This group of parents wants to help GES provide additional opportunities for our students. We are so lucky to have them and we appreciate their support so very much.”

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Greensburg Elementary School can be reached at 812-663-8112.


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