Greensburg Housing Authority could be closing

If the local Housing Authority closes, participants that are currently on the program will be handled through the Indianapolis Field Office. The waiting list will transfer as well.

GREENSBURG — The Greensburg Housing Authority could be closing.

According to Greensburg Housing Authority Executive Director Milissa Ashley, the Greensburg Housing Authority is considered insolvent and unable to satisfy an obligation to the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Ashley said the local housing authority is in a default for repayment to HUD in the amount of $27,279.

“This debt was accumulated by indiscretions that occurred over 15 years ago,” Ashley said in a statement to the Daily News. “The sequester of 2013 caused hardships to many Housing Authorities in the United States. Due to the sequester and prior indiscretions, Greensburg Housing Authority utilized funding improperly to stay operational. This is not a reflection of the conduct of the current executive director, or the current board of directors, as they were put into place after these issues.”

Ashley and commissioners from the board of directors attended the city council meeting Monday to provide information on the local need for the Greensburg Housing Authority. The Greensburg Housing Authority requested additional funding from the city to pay the debt owed to HUD.

The local Housing Authority requested $27,279 over the course of three years to establish a payment plan with HUD to bring them out of default.

“During the presentation, the council was made aware that if the Greensburg Housing Authority was unable to recover from this debt, and could not find financial assistance by the deadline, the Housing Authority would be required to voluntarily transfer the program to the Indianapolis Field Office by HUD,” Ashley said. “This would close the local office.”

The city council voted 3-2 to not provide funding.

“We are trying to seek funding through other sources, and we’ll revisit city council,” Ashley said. “We did get an extension, but it’s not very long. We have the ability to start helping families in 2020. If you’re in favor of keeping the Greensburg Housing Authority open, contact your council members or attend the next city council meeting on Feb. 3.”

Ashley said if the local Housing Authority closes participants that are on the program currently will remain on the program and will be handled through the Indianapolis Field Office. The waiting list will transfer as well.

This is an ongoing story. The Daily News will provide more information as it becomes available.

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