Greensburg schools will remain open Tuesday

Tom Hunter

GREENSBURG — Greensburg Community Schools plan to be open Tuesday despite the statewide rally at the Statehouse called Red for Ed Action Day.

According to the Indiana State Teachers Association, Red for Ed Action Day talking points include teacher compensation, standardized testing and repealing Professional Growth Plan/externship requirements.

The Action Day will take place from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Statehouse in Indianapolis.

Greensburg Community Schools Superintendent Tom Hunter said since only a small number of teachers have requested the day off to attend the action day, school will remain open as of press time Thursday.

Hunter said they fully support teachers involved in the statewide rally.

“We have activities planned within the district to show our support for this. We’re really supportive and respect teachers’ decision to show support for Red for Ed Action Day,” Hunter said. “We’re also glad that we’re able to still continue with school.”

The superintendent also spoke about the importance of concerns being raised as part of the action day.

“If we don’t get some relief from standardized testing and more funding, I think we’ll be in an even greater crisis than we are now,” Hunter said.

Decatur County Community Schools announced earlier this week schools across the district will be closed.

In a joint statement, DCCS Superintendent Dr. Jarrod Burns, Assistant Superintendent Nicholas Flowers, North Decatur Elementary School Principal Rob Smith, South Decatur Elementary School Principal Angel Hocker, North Decatur Jr./Sr. High School Principal Debbie Reynolds and South Decatur Jr./Sr. High School Principal Jim Jameson said one-third of the DCCS faculty and staff are requesting a personal day to attend a statewide rally at the Statehouse called Red for Ed Action Day.

Due to the high percentage of faculty and staff out, DCCS will be unable to have adequate instruction and supervision to ensure student safety, the joint announcement stated.

The district does not have enough substitute teachers to cover the amount of teachers that have requested off across the district.

“We support our teachers in advocating for their profession and students to ensure that public education is adequately funded and held accountable appropriately,” the joint statement states. “DCCS will be represented by many of our hardworking faculty and staff that will be in attendance at the rally.”

With the district having built-in make-up days, the day will be made up Feb. 17 (Presidents Day).

Several school districts around the state are also cancelling classes Tuesday for similar reasons.

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