GREENSBURG – Greensburg Tri Kappa along with the family of Susan Miller recently presented a plaque to Laurie Ruble, owner of Dixon Dance Studio, in memory of Susan Miller who was a Tri Kappa member with a strong passion for the art of dance.

Greensburg Tri Kappa members thought it fitting to honor Susan’s memory with an annual scholarship of $500 to support dancers needing assistance with tuition. The scholarship will be awarded to an anonymous dancer or dancers every year.

Susan Miller spent many years at Dixon Dance Studio, both as a dancer (1976-1983) and as a dance mom and #1 fan to her daughter, Samantha (2004-2018). She enjoyed watching her daughter progress in her talents each week at practices, compete in competitions, and perform at the dance recital each year.

Samantha continued her talents in dancing and went on to be a member of the Marion University dance team.

Susan joined the Greensburg Tri Kappa Sorority on June 4, 2012, with compassion in her heart to help others and better our community.

Tri Kappa founded this memorial scholarship in 2020 to honor her memory, knowing she would want others to be able to share in her love for dance.

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