GREENSBURG - All 4 One Ministries, the ecumenical not-for-profit group self-tasked with the mission of "uniting the local Church for the purposes of worship, service, and giving" has made a bold step in becoming part of the bustling commerce community on the Historic Greensburg Square.

According to A41 Executive Director Alex Sefton, A41 is vying to purchase the Schlemmer Wholesale Building at 113 Broadway Street, and is starting a capital campaign to help pay for turning the building into Greensburg's next coffee house.

Faithful coffee fans have been given something of a run-around in Greensburg.

With Somethin's Perkin' on the north side of the square recently closed, the community was excited to receive a Starbucks on Lincoln Street.

The national chain reportedly made a respectable profit in Greensburg, but shortly after the local franchise opened, Howard Schultz, the founder, former CEO and single-largest shareholder of Starbucks realized the company had over-extended and closed 150 stores all over the country, Greensburg's included.

Other coffee houses on the Square have come and gone. Many have voiced an interest in having an establishment like Batesville's Amick's Well near the business and social hub of the downtown area.

And now, it seems those voices have been heard.

"I'm a little bit excited," Sefton said. "We put an offer in on the building, and after three counteroffers one was accepted, and that's where we're at."

Sefton told the Daily News that tentative plans are to make the front half of the street level floor a coffeehouse, with the rear of the building being an event center.

"We don't want to to get into the event planning business, but the discussion is to have that be a large conference room for people to use for meetings and such," Sefton said. "We would like to have another meeting room in the center, and the back of the building will be a worship space for us or another large conference room."

Opening in time to catch the morning crowd and late enough for the crowd interested in a coffee after work, Sefton tentatively anticipates having a normal length business day. He anticipates hiring a business manager to take care of day to day operations, with "at least 8 baristas, a majority of them part time."

Following the Amick's Well model, Sefton anticipates volunteers helping to do back-of-the-house tasks such as washing dishes and sweeping.

And the name he anticipates using?

"One Cup, One Heart," Sefton said. "We want to unite local churches and to bring unity in the community and support local causes, and we want our mission to tie into the unity issue, as our motto says, 'One Church, One Voice, One Purpose.' So, when we open we plan to change the community 'one cup, one heart at a time.'"

The capital campaign starts July 1 and runs through the end of the year. Working with an architect and a contractor to remodel the building to fit A41' s needs, the projected total need for the project is $350,000.

"That's what we hope to raise before the end of the year," he said.  We just want to be secure in owning the building and comfortable month to month. Instead of giving our causes little two or three hundred dollar gifts monthly, it would be nice if we could make this all work toward giving serious money monthly to causes the community cares about," he explained.

Sefton sees his role in the effort as "multi-dimensional." In the newly opened One Cup, One Heart Coffee Shop, Sefton sees himself as the marketing and communications director for both A41 and OHOC.

The All For One Board of Directors is: Brad Sefton, President; Susan Poling, Secretary; Kelly Wampler, Secretary; Liz Owens, Treasurer, Jose Rivera, Abbie Covington, Jon Paorter, Erica Schmidt and Sarah Hellmich.

A41 is currently looking for corporate and individual sponsorship for the project and have composed a strata for the different levels of funding, from $500 to $10,000.

All inquiries about the Campaign or All for One Ministry should be directed to Sefton at 812-614-7690 or


Contact Bill Rethlake at 812-663-3111 ext. 7011 or email

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