DCCF Board member and Ag committee member Jay Hatton helps a harvest a few rows for the community. The Decatur County Community Foundation is asking local farmers to make a donation to the Ag Field Interest Fund from money made during this year's harvest.

There are many variables in agriculture, but the one thing that doesn't change is the fact that agriculture has and will continue to be a vital part of life in Decatur County. Because agriculture is such an integral part of life in Decatur County, the Decatur County Community Foundation established an Ag Field Interest Fund. The purpose of this fund is support non-profit activities that promote and benefit agriculture in Decatur County.

The fund is in its third year of existence. It has already made grants to the South Decatur FFA to purchase soil judging equipment and North Decatur FFA for welding equipment. In an effort to build the fund so that it could make a greater impact in the community. The DCCF Ag Committee is encouraging their fellow farmers to Harvest a Row for Decatur County. As farmers complete the process all they need to do is split the ticket at Lowe's Pellets, Greensburg Milling or Soy Processors. The mills will then send a check directly to the DCCF and it will be put in the Ag Field of Interest. When the ticket is split, the farmer does not take the crop as income, which is the tax break to them. With the early harvest, another option for giving is a direct cash gift to the DCCF, which is also tax deductible.

As with all gifts to the DCCF, the money is invested. The DCCF then uses the interest and earnings to make grants like those made to the local FFAs.

"I talked to a local businessman about the DCCF and how the gift stays intact and is not spent. He really liked the concept. He appreciated that in 10 years his gift would do much more than if it was used immediately," Jay Hatton, DCCF Board member and Ag committee member said.

The DCCF has been active in Decatur County since 1992. In that time, the DCCF has granted back over $7 million to fulfill its mission of making Decatur County a better place to live.

Hatton and fellow committee members, David Bennett, Dale Crites, Steve Gauck, Scott Johnson, David Miers, Wade Whipple, and Dan Wilson have been promoting the Ag Field of Interest Fund and Harvest a Row for Decatur program. They have worked through the fair and into the harvest season explaining the opportunities that the Ag Field of Interest Fund can provide.

"As the fund grows, this fund can support a variety of programs. From the FFA to 4-H, to other ag education, to ag safety training, to history and to environmental programs, this grant can support any non-profit that can make an impact on Decatur County," DCCF Executive Director, Sharon Hollowell explained

For questions regarding the Ag Field of Interest Fund or the DCCF call 662-6364.

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