INDIANAPOLIS – Archers from several local teams and age levels returned to the Tree City victorious, boasting a state champ, reserve champs, and numerous individuals finishing in the top 10 of their age category.

The 2018 National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) Indiana State Tournament was held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, for both bullseye and 3D archery.

The day’s big winner was North Decatur Elementary School (NDES) student Kaden Creamer, who came home as a state champ among elementary boys in both the bullseye and 3D competitions.

Kaden shot a 285 in the bullseye tournament, with 16 tens, or “bullseye” shots. This ranked him first out of 297 elementary school boys, first among 160 fifth grade boys and 36th among the 1,087 boys competing at the shoot. He also finished second among all 563 elementary students shooting in the tournament.

Other NDES archers scored well, earning a final score of 2,712, with 65 tens, ranking the team 20th of the 28 elementary teams competing.

“We are extremely proud of all our archers,” said Tracy Reich, who coaches Charger archers along with April Lawrence, Eric Newman, and Mandy Geary. “It was a very early morning for all of us Saturday, but they didn’t let it show. All of our archers are really great kids and they have worked very hard this season including our high school team. They make me proud to be their coach.”

South Decatur High School (SDHS) has a reserve state champ in sophomore Nathan Kroger, who shot a 292 with 23 tens. Nathan was ranked second among 388 high school boys, first among 113 tenth grade boys, and third among the 1,087 boys competing. Nathan also finished fourth among the 2,090 archers shooting at the high school level. Senior Hunter Gatewood also received a NASP Academic Archer scholarship for her college career.

The rest of the team shot their best, earning a final score of 3,242, with 120 tens, and ranking them 19th among 35 high school teams.

Greensburg Elementary School (GES), which left the Tree City with a police escort Saturday morning, finished in the top 10, in tenth place among 28 elementary teams at the tournament. They earned a total score of 2,859, with 47 tens. Korbin Conwell finished 9 among 137 fourth grade boys with a score of 253.

Greensburg Community High School (GCHS) finished 13 out of 35 high school teams with a score of 3,275 with 151 tens. Alex Henderson finished fifth among 102 junior boys with a score of 287. Ellie Kramer finished third among 58 senior girls with a score of 284. The GCHS archery team also received the sportsmanship award from NASP.

North Decatur High School junior Mackenzee Mauer competed as an individual at the state bullseye tournament and finished sixth among 88 junior girls with a score of 286.

The North Decatur Jr. High (NDJH) team finished 17th out of 35 middle school teams with a score of 3,139 with 116 tens. Philomenia Niese ranked second among 140 seventh grade girls with a score of 282.

At South Decatur Elementary School (SDES), archers finished 27th out of 28 teams with a final score of 2,516 with 43 tens. Thomas Houpey finished fifth among 297 elementary school boys, fifth among 160 fifth grade boys, and ninth among the 563 elementary archers shooting.

St. Mary’s elementary school archers finished 28th out of 28 elementary teams with a score of 2,515 with 39 tens.

St. Mary’s middle school team finished 33rd out of 35 teams with a score of 2,964 with 65 tens. Christina Fogg finished in 10th place among 140 seventh grade girls.

NASP/IBO 3D Tournament

The 3D tournament, which uses foam targets shaped like a variety of animals rather than flat bullseye targets, is a partnership between NASP and the International Bowhunting Organization.

NDES emerged victorious in this tournament, as the Reserve State Champion Team, finishing second among the 12 elementary teams shooting. The NDES team scored 1,430 with 36 tens.

Kaden Creamer dominated again, scoring 275 and finishing first out of 80 elementary boys, first among 46 fifth grade boys, and 19th among all 324 boys shooting 3D. He also finished first among all 155 elementary students competing. Landon Tatman finished 10th among 46 fifth grade boys as well.

The NDJH team finished 15th out of 16 middle school teams with a score of 1,449 with 36 tens.

SDES’ 3D team did well, finishing eighth out of 12 elementary teams with a score of 1,304 with 26 tens. Cody Ferris finished ninth among 80 elementary boys and seventh out of 46 fifth grade boys with a score of 248. Camber Jones finished fifth among 75 elementary girls, and fifth out of 46 fifth grade girls with a score of 242.

South Decatur Jr. High (SDJH) archers competed in the 3D shoot, finishing seventh out of 16 middle school teams with a score of 1,551 with 58 tens. Jacob Ferris finished fifth out of 139 middle school boys, and second among 42 eighth grade boys with a score of 275. Abigail Collins finished tenth among 46 seventh grade girls with a score of 262. Damon Gearhart ranked ninth among 41 sixth grade boys. Savannah Dwenger ranked eighth among 37 eighth grade girls. Bob Tryon made the top 10 as well, as tenth among 41 sixth grade boys.

SDHS archers finished fifth among 12 high school teams with a score of 1,634 and 76 tens. Nathan Kroger again shot well, scoring 285 and finishing fourth of 105 high school boys, first of 27 sophomore boys, and sixth of 324 boys overall. He placed eighth overall among 192 high school shooters.

SDHS saw numerous top ten scores. Scoring 281, Cody Diekhoff finished eighth among 105 high school boys, fourth among 35 freshman boys and tenth among all 324 boys. Hunter Waters was fifth out of 35 freshman boys with a score of 273. Erynn Dyer finished sixth among 34 freshman girls with a score of 267. Lana Bell finished seventh of 34 freshman girls, scoring 266. With a score of 262, Megan Manlief ranked ninth of 34 freshman girls. Hunter Gatewood finished fourth among 15 senior girls with a score of 260. Nathan Fairchild scored 252 and earned tenth place among 24 junior boys. Anna Hermann was ninth among 15 senior girls.

Decatur County appears to be proud of the many archers continuously working to improve their skills. It will be several weeks before the scoring guidelines for the national competition will be decided and released to coaches. Full scores from the state competition will be printed in a later edition of the Daily News.

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