Logan Hobbs reads one of her favorite books from the Judy Blume series. The 11 year old will soon be jetting off to Washington D.C. to attend a conference for young people exuding strong leadership skills.

North Decatur Elementary School student Logan Hobbs will soon be jetting off to Washington D.C., which will be just one stepping stone on what is sure to be a stellar academic career.

This summer, students from all across the United States are going to take part in an extraordinary leadership conference in the nation’s capitol. Logan was one of those lucky students chosen to participate.

The conference, themed Voices of Leadership: Reflecting on the Past to Create the Future, will introduce the students to the rich traditions of leadership throughout American history while simultaneously helping them develop their own leadership skills.

During the six-day program, Logan will take part in educational activities and presentations, and she is likely to meet several elected officials and Congressional staff members on Capitol Hill. Logan and her family also plan to visit sites including Harper’s Ferry as well as West Virginia and D.C.’s monuments and memorials.

Logan was nominated to participate in the program by her teacher John Doney. He recognized her as one of a select group of students with the scholastic merit, maturity and strength of character to represent North Decatur Elementary at the program for exceptional fifth and sixth grade students.

Logan and her parents, Tim and Amy, expect the opportunity to be the first part of her journey towards becoming a leader in school and in the community.

The 11 year old excels in her school work. Logan’s is a name that appears constantly on the honor roll list, and she also plays the oboe, a complex double reed instrument, for the school’s band. She also played basketball for the school’s fifth grade team, and was elected president of Little Hoosiers of North Decatur, where she presided over the fourth, fifth and sixth grades. She was also an integral member of the spell bowl team and took part in the school’s geography bee. Finally, Logan helps preschoolers three days a week by reading to and playing with them.

She is very busy during the school year, but with summer’s arrival, Logan has been given a break from her studies and extracurriculars to enjoy the time off, and she does so by spending much of her time swimming and playing in her backyard.

When school is in session, her mother noted, Logan is very focused on her work. When she gets home from school, she immediately opens her books and finishes her homework before anything else. It is that kind of studying that allows her to excel.

Part of the trip to Washington D.C. enables to the children to be on their own somewhat. Logan will spend much time away from her parents at the conference, but her parents, along with Logan’s older brother, Brandon, will be staying just down the street in a nearby hotel. That prospect has left Logan feeling a little nervous, but she is still excited about the trip.

The opportunities that will come from the conference excite Logan.

“I want to get into a good college and get a good job,” she said.

Logan hopes to one day work as a scientist for NASA. Her recent trip on a plane, though, has made her alter her plans just a touch. She wants to work for NASA, but stay on the ground.

Logan is nervous and excited about the trip, and her parents are very proud of her.

“She’s just one of a kind,” her mother said.

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