GREENSBURG — Clarity Pregnancy Services, 920 Kathy’s Way, Greensburg, recently welcomed Mayor Dan Manus, Greensburg-Decatur County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jeff Emsweller, members of the Chamber board, volunteers and guests to their larger and pleasantly decorated location for a ribbon cutting.

Light refreshments were available as Clarity Executive Director Tim Bond, Greensburg Clarity Manager Missi Moschino and volunteers greeted the media and conducted tours of the facility.

“[We] started with a couple of locations in Shelbyville and Columbus and have grown into six different locations offering a variety of services like education in the schools, the churches, testing and treatment clinics in Columbus, and healing for those who’ve experienced abortion or sexual abuse in the past,” Bond told the assemblage. “All provided in a culture that believes all life is important and a gift from God. We are excited to have this new facility because more space will allow this staff to serve this community better.”

Bond described the previous location on Main street as “very small and in a bit of disrepair over the years,” but expressed his excitement for having a “higher profile location where Clarity can serve people and meet the needs of the community much better.”

When asked to speak to the importance of their volunteer labor force Bond said, “The heart and soul of this organization is the volunteer base that we use. We have one center manager and then the rest of the place is staffed with volunteers. We are struggling to have enough volunteers right now, and as a faith-based organization we are interested in volunteers who can come alongside us and help us in supporting our missions and volunteering their time. Every hour we are open, we have to have at least two people present or it’s not fair to our clients.”

Would Clarity Pregnancy Services in Greensburg be able to serve more clients with more volunteers?

“We would, yes. It would certainly help us. We serve the clientele with the volunteers we have. They’re very good, but a larger volunteer base would allow us to stay open more hours of the week,” Bond said.

Bond said he believes it’s important to improve the facility’s public profile so the people who need them know about them and where they are located.

“We are in the elementary, junior high and high schools teaching them about healthy relationships and human sexuality and we’re making sure the health curriculum meets state standards,” he noted. “We want to raise our visibility so that when there is an unplanned pregnancy, we want to be the first thing in their mind when they need help.”

New volunteers are provided with 18 hours of training so they don’t feel like they are operating on their own.

“They might be assisting in bundling diapers, or making sure that the clothing and accessories we hand out are clean and well prepared for the clients. They might be serving as a receptionist, answering the phone to make sure clients get what they need when they call the center,” he said. “Or, they might be serving as a client advocate, sitting down with the clients and helping them navigate through the world in an unplanned moment.”

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