Greensburg resident Darla Martin has published her first children’s book “How the Bird Got Its Song,” a book she wrote when she was just a child.

GREENSBURG — Local resident Darla Martin has published her first book “How the Bird Got Its Song.” As a devout Christian, “Song” is not only a testament to Martin’s faith, but it’s also a testament to her patience and persistence.

Martin wrote the book as a class assignment when she was 10 years old at Jerman Elementary.

“Mrs. Foster was my teacher and she gave us the assignment to write a story about anything we wanted,” said Martin.

Her story was about a bird named “Toby” who, as a messenger for God, felt like he could be doing more with his life.

“He would go to God to get messages, and Toby’s job was to deliver those messages to other birds in His kingdom,” Martin said.

Toby was pleased to have such a great job, but had the nagging feeling that he could be doing more. So he asked his bird friends what they felt he could be doing differently.

“They didn’t have answers that satisfied him, so he decided to ask God Himself,” she said. “Which is what he should have done at first, of course.”

So Toby went to God and asked Him what else he could do to please Him. God said, “When you come back from your errands, I’ll tell you.”

Toby returned to God after his work was done and God said, “Toby, your job is to teach the other birds to sing.”

“And that’s how birds learned to sing,” said Martin.

Martin said she was often reminded of the manuscript, but never found a way to afford the expensive publishing fees.

“He kept it in my mind so I wouldn’t forget, but I just hadn’t found the way to do it,” she said.

As life progressed, Martin and her husband became more secure financially and that day come.

“Alright,” said her husband. “The time’s right. We’re gonna do it. We’ll pay for it with our tax returns this year.”

“And here we are,” said Martin.

After a life of waiting, they paid for the fees and the first 10 copies came to Martin.

“I just can’t believe the day is finally here,” she said.

Having grown up listening to Christian female singing group Point of Grace, she originally hoped to do something more involved with music – something with her faith. but she said God kept reminding me about the manuscript.

“Even at 10 years old when I wrote it, I knew the love of music was there to help me through. I loved to journal and save little sayings I heard or verses of the Bible,” she said. “He was challenging me to be as willing as Mary, as loyal as Ruth, and to be as strong as Debra – women in the Bible who were strong icons.”

“How the Bird Got Its Song” by Darla Martin will be available on Amazon.com, on barnesandnoble.com, and as a Kindle download before Christmas.

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