Main Street project in final stretch

The Main Street sidewalk revitalization project is expected to be completed within the month, just in time for the Tree City Fall Festival.

GREENSBURG — The Main Street Greensburg sidewalk revitalization project is still on pace to be completed by the beginning of the Tree City Fall Festival, giving local residents a prime opportunity to see the finished product.

According to Main Street Greensburg Executive Director Terrah Nunley, pavers are currently being set to help with drainage.

“It’s starting to take shape,” Nunley said. “Benches and the iron fencing and the landscaping still need to be put in.”

The landscaping includes trees and bushes to be placed along Main Street.

Nunley said many at the city level have indicated they are pleased with the project.

“Everyone seems to be happy,” Nunley said, “especially as it gets closer and people are getting an idea of the finished product.”

As for local residents having the opportunity to see the finished product in time for one of the city’s largest events, Nunley said she is looking forward to it.

“I’m very excited,” Nunley said. “It’s a great revitalization project, and the citizens will be able to see the effort we’ve put in.”

Nunley also made sure to mention the revitalization project will make Main Street very accessible for strollers, wheelchairs and walkers.

“We continue to make our city walkable for everyone,” Nunley said.

Overview of the project

The new planter box design pays homage to the famous courthouse tower. The planters will be raised and filled with boxwood bushes, which are both easy to maintain and will make it more difficult for trash and other detritus to collect.

As for the mural benches, the proposed design calls for the benches to feature blank black spaces initially, but since Main Street is located in the middle of the ARTisTREE District, the benches will eventually be the site of public art.

The benches will also help protect pedestrians from street traffic. Similarly, the iron fencing around the raised planter beds will play a role in preventing vehicles from nearing the sidewalk.

The news street lights will be similar to those on Broadway Street, giving off more light directed toward the sidewalk.

In regards to handicap accessibility, the design of the revitalization project includes spaces between benches sized for wheelchair and stroller parking.

Additionally, an area of pavers will help in absorbing water and melting snow when moved onto the sidewalk by cars and snowplows.

This is an ongoing story. The Daily News will provide more information on the project as it becomes available.

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