GREENSBURG — City Engineer Ron May announced Monday the Edgewater Apartments leasing office acquired during right of way negotiations will be demolished to make a room for the second phase of the Veterans Way project.

The second phase will eventually run from Smith Road to the intersection of Ind. 3 and Lincoln Street.

The Veterans Way project as a whole is intended to connect U.S. 421 to Ind. 3 to enhance commercial prospects in Greensburg, city officials have said.

The first phase, which is complete, included the construction of the memorial in honor of veterans and the roundabouts that connect Veterans and Memorial Way.

As previously reported by the Daily News, the city remained in the right of way acquisition stage longer than anticipated. Right of way acquisition is essentially when the city purchases a piece of land from a current landowner. The city continues to work with one property owner in regards to right of way acquisition.

May also previously said they missed their ready-for-contract date for the May letting date earlier this year. Bid letting pertains to contractors bidding their prices for the project, which takes place right before any construction begins.

May told the Redevelopment Commission earlier this year the Indiana Department of Transportation told the city there is no money left for Fiscal Year 2019, which starts July of this year and runs through June of next year.

The city engineer indicated monies are anticipated to be ready for July of next year, so construction on phase two is now anticipated to begin roughly a year from now.

May has explained in the past it takes six weeks following the contract bid letting to have the notice to proceed, and construction could then begin in August or September 2020.

While the project could potentially be completed in 2021, May has said in the past it could run into 2022.

While it’s currently unknown when the building will be demolished, the Redevelopment Commission has unanimously approved up to $15,000 in spending out of the Veterans Way bond to demolish the apartment complex’s leasing office.

The Daily News will provide more information as it becomes available.

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