Manus 'feels great' following knee surgery

Mayor Dan Manus

GREENSBURG – Mayor Dan Manus says his recovery following knee surgery is going well and plans to make his return to the office soon, the Daily News learned Friday.

Manus said he hopes to make his return to the office Monday, and plans to make a stop at the Decatur County 4-H Fair before it concludes next week.

“I’m doing OK,” Manus said. “I feel great. I hope to be at the fair soon.”

During the July City Council meeting, it was announced that Manus had surgery and Councilman Jamie Cain asked the community to keep the mayor in their prayers as he recovers.

“Thank you to everyone for all the get well wishes I've received recently following my knee surgery. I sincerely appreciate it!,” Manus said in a statement Friday. “While I don't typically discuss personal issues in public, I'm making this exception because I serve in a public position and I appreciate your concerns.”

Manus also said he wants to assure everyone he is well on his way to a full recovery.

“In the meantime, I am actively engaged with the day to day operations of the city,” Manus said. “Thanks to the convenience of technology, I'm able to work remotely and conduct business as usual.”

Manus also asks the community to not forget his “dedicated team of city employees and department heads.”


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