Marsh elected Mayor of Greensburg

Joshua Marsh

GREENSBURG — Republican candidate Joshua Marsh has been elected mayor of Greensburg.

Marsh beat incumbent Democrat Mayor Dan Manus by a vote of 1,643 to 886 (64.97 percent to 35.03 percent) in Tuesday’s municipal election.

Overall, the city had a 36.3 percent voter turnout. Of the 7,003 registered voters, 2,542 casted a vote in Tuesday’s election.

The voter turnout in the 2015 municipal election was 24.41 percent.

Marsh, a Greensburg native and Greensburg Community High School graduate, announced his bid for mayor last December.

Marsh is a graduate of Ball State University where he studied communications and marketing while also leading the College Republicans organization.

He eventually went on to study at Indiana University’s Robert H. McKinney School of Law, and also found himself working for the state of Indiana where he led the Health and Wellness Initiative for 60,000 state employees across 92 counties.

Marsh also worked for Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill as coordinator of the Drug Abuse Taskforce.

“Thank you to everyone who has put their trust in me and the support for the vision I have for the community,” Marsh said. “I couldn’t be more humbled by the support.”

Marsh recently told the Daily News his top priority for the city is public safety, with other priorities including infrastructure, communication and community investment.

Marsh said a safe community should be the highest priority for any government administration, and that the people of Greensburg deserve to be protected from crimes, fire and natural disasters. Marsh also lauded local public safety officials, stating he believes Greensburg has some of the best public safety professionals in the state.

While he said the issue of infrastructure may not be as prominent as crime in the minds of local residents, it is a critical and visible asset when it comes to seeing new businesses and residents. Marsh said through planning, the city can continue to expand water, sewer, trash, broadband internet and transportation by road, air and rail.

As far as community investment, the newly elected mayor said that is where they have the biggest potential to attract and retain residents. He said the city needs to improve their options for entertainment, access to trails and sporting events, and strengthen and support existing community events while developing new community traditions.

Marsh also said he plans to implement new and innovative communication strategies to ensure citizens have access to what the city is doing.

“I think people are ready for a change in vison for the community,” Marsh said. “I’m very excited for what’s next for the community. The mayor (Dan Manus) and I plan to get together soon to discuss current projects and other things to get ready come January.”

Marsh also took time to thank his supporters.

“The voters and the volunteers I had made this happen,” Marsh said.

Manus, who has held the position since January 2016, offered his thoughts on the election results.

“We had a great voter turnout, and if that’s what the citizens of Greensburg wanted, that’s fine,” Manus said. “We had a bunch of projects completed like the fire station and the parks, and I still have projects on the drawing board. I talked to Josh and told him we’d talk in the next few weeks.”

Manus also thanked those who took the time to support him in this year’s election.

“I want to thank my family, my voters and everyone who supported me,” Manus said. “I’m not a politician, and I always believe that you run the city from the heart.”

Marsh will officially become mayor Jan. 1.

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