Dr. Jacque Sample

Dr. Jacque Sample

RUSHVILLE – Running for a political office takes drive, determination, a will to serve, sacrifice and persistence. Dr. Jacque Sample is the sum of these and more. The qualities were ingrained in her by her family and the roots of that come from her family tree in Rush County.

Sample lives in Missouri and is running for a seat in the House of Representatives. Despite living a couple states away, she knows Rush County has had a big impact in the person she has become.

“I am the granddaughter of Bob and Betty Eder of Rushville. Bob, an attorney with morals, who refused to take any case that did not align with his faith beliefs. Betty, a woman who only ever wanted to be a mother, and who lovingly raised four children who are four of the best people who have ever walked this earth,” Sample said.

The family tree doesn’t end there.

“I am the granddaughter of Charles and Nancy Farthing of Rushville. Charles, a private business man who loved his hometown, could make any business thrive, and loved his family above all else,” Sample said. “Nancy, one of 11 children, found her life’s calling in making the best candy, cookies, pies, and cakes and gifting them by the thousands to loved ones, community members, and those in need.”

Sample is the daughter of Steve and Jane Eder of Jefferson City, Missouri. Both mom and dad are Rushville graduates. They would have celebrated their 50th reunion, if not for the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Steve, a conservationist to his core, who taught and led by example that honor, honesty, and service are more important than anything money could purchase. Jane, a mother who gave her life to provide a happy home for her children, pushing them to reach goals...goals that she herself had set aside in order to be a mother,” Sample added.

Sample has an older sister Mindy (Eder) Harris and younger sister Stacy (Eder) Wright. She married Stephen Sample and the couple is the parents of Zackary and Charlie.

“I am the sum of all these parts, and so much more. I am called to serve because it is ingrained in me. It is reinforced daily by those who I have the opportunity to spend time with. Service is sacrifice. Service requires persistence. Service is doing something because it is the right thing to do...not because you need recognition or awards,” Sample noted.

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