RUSHVILLE – The staff at Rushville Consolidated High School has been on the lookout for good character and work ethic from the students. Another week of nominations rolled in and here is a look at the winners.

  • Tyler Phelps received two nominations. Mrs. Schultz and Mrs. Wainwright are impressed with Tyler’s perfect attendance, his outstanding participation, the tremendous work ethic he has displayed, and his kindness to others. Mrs. Wainwright even noted that Tyler volunteered to be in charge of her phrase for the week.
  • Jodan Gauck was nominated by Mrs. Cain. Mrs. Cain said that Jodan is always positive, kind, and very enjoyable to be around. Mrs. Cain loves Jodan’s smile.
  • Elizabeth Amos was nominated by Mrs. Horton. Mrs. Horton had a big project to complete in the office and Elizabeth was a huge help in getting that done. In general, Elizabeth is a joy to be around and a big help to the office staff.
  • Hannah Strain was nominated by Ms. Monk. Ms. Monk noted that Hannah helped her at RES during her Cadet Teaching Class. The library needed all hands on deck to shelve a ton of books. Hannah was invaluable help in getting caught up. Hannah was fast, efficient, and very willing to help RES students and staff.
  • Kaden Gabbard was nominated by Mr. Alspaugh. Mr. Alspaugh said that Kaden is always on task in class. He also noted that Kaden went out of his way to help another student who missed school and was trying to catch up.

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