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RUSHVILLE – Don’t have a computer or your old one isn’t working any more? The Open Resource in Rushville may be able to help.

To promote digital inclusion, The Open Resource and The Rush County Broadband Task Force have come together to provide refurbished computers to local residents at no cost to any individual needing such technology to start or continue their digital life.

The devices may not be the latest and greatest computer devices; however, they will provide you the equipment to access the internet and accomplish many activities such as searching for information, sending and receiving email, finding travel directions, searching and applying for jobs, and many many more tasks.

To see what is available, stop by their location at 103 North Main in Rushville from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday. If you can’t make it on a Saturday morning, the list of devices is also available online at The Open Resource website ( click on “Devices’’ at the top of the page then click on View Current Inventory.

For more information or to pick a device, you may make an appointment by calling (765) 560-3337.

Most of these computers utilize a variety of open source (free) software such as Linux Mint, Linux Fedora, Linux Ubuntu, and CloudReady operating systems. Several of the options have the look and operate in a manner very similar to Microsoft Windows and Chromebook. To use productivity tools similar to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.) you can utilize Google Docs, Microsoft, LibreOffice (all of which are free web based programs or free open source options). The Open Resource has a very limited supply of hardware with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office or Apple software.

If you have a computer device you are not currently using just gathering dust, why not donate it to The Open Resource? Representatives are particularly interested in working laptops or tablet devices. If you have a device or a question, email to or call (765) 560-3337.

Once you have the hardware, you may need help using it. The Open Resource and The Rush County Broadband Task Force is planning to help you in this area also. Details on training options will be coming in the near future.

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