GREENSBURG — Sixth graders from North Decatur came to the Decatur County School Board meeting on Wednesday evening to present what they experienced on their trip to Bradford Woods in Martinsville, Indiana in May.

Students Lance Nobbe, Reid Messer, Hannah Allen, Emily Borgman, Ryan Hancock, Emelia Hoeing, Macy Scudder, Calvin Arnold, Ellis Loehmer and Jake Kinker spoke on behalf of the 83 students that were in attendance.

The ten students took turns going either individually or in groups to share their experiences. Four students did a skit, five did two separate PowerPoint presentations and one made a tri-fold brochure and presented it all.

All ten students made clear their love of the food they ate that included French toast, smoky links, burnt popcorn and Taco Bell. Four students even went as far to perform a campfire song they made in appreciation of Taco Bell.

The students did more than just eat, as teachers Kristen Whipple, Susan Hartman, Kim Allgeier and Jennifer Schoettmer explained. The students also discussed their time fishing by using hot dogs, searching for creek critters and doing archery.

Annually fifth grade students from North Decatur go to Bradford Woods during May for a two day retreat. Students will again have the opportunity this May to go.

Extra Effort Award winners

North Decatur Elementary’s Linda Smith and South Decatur’s Krista Bartosz and Jenna Short were awarded this month’s Extra Effort award by Superintendent Johnny Budd.

The instructors were recognized for the work they put in above and beyond their expectations at their given schools.

Budd thanked Linda Smith for her work on being approved for numerous Duke Energy grants to run programs like the STEM Camp held over the summer at North Decatur.

Bartosz and Short were recognized for their work in the ED program at South Decatur.


Delta Theta Tau Delta Lambda Sorority made equal $267 donations to both North Decatur Elementary and South Decatur Elementary nurse’s offices.

North Decatur Elementary school also received a $1500 donation from St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church at St. Maurice & Enochsburg.

The School Board voted unanimously to accept all donations.

Other announcements

Supt. Budd let the school board know of his intentions to bring forth a school calendar for the 2017-2018 school year at the November meeting for approval. Budd acknowledged that the district intends to continue with a three-day Thanksgiving break opposed to the new trend of taking the full week off.

The Board appointed Jay Hatton again to the County Planning Commission. Hatton was already a board member, so he will simply continue his role.

North Decatur Elementary Principal Rob Smith announced that $15,000 was raised by the North Decatur Walk-A-Thon. During the event, Principal Smith was tee-peed by 88 rolls of toilet paper.

North Decatur High School Principal Charlie McCoy reminded of Parent Teacher Conferences coming on Oct. 19-20. He also announced a series of fall plays taking place by North Decatur students on Oct. 28, Oct. 29 and Oct. 31.

Assistant Principals Cole Zook and Jeremy Powers gave attendance reports in which both were positive. Neither school dropped below 97.5 percent in attendance throughout August or September.

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