COLUMBUS – Our Hospice recently received perfect survey results from state and federal regulators.

Hospices are surveyed every three years. These on-site surveyors spend up to a week looking at all aspects of the hospice’s operations such as caregiver satisfaction scores, documentation, medical records, care delivery practices, and procedures; and interviewing employees, patients and family members.

During this visit, Our Hospice hosted two surveyors for four separate surveys 1) State Survey 2) State Licensure Renewal Survey 3) Federal/CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid) Survey, and 4) Emergency Preparedness Survey.

“We are extremely happy to share that Our Hospice received zero deficiencies on each of these four surveys,” said Laura Leonard, Our Hospice President. “Receiving a perfect score on four simultaneous surveys is very uncommon and we are proud to be the hospice that brings such high quality care to the communities we serve, and specifically to patients with a terminal illness. We are fortunate to have employees and volunteers who are genuinely committed to bringing exceptional care to our patients and families. I am privileged to lead this organization, and I am grateful for the ongoing support from our communities and families.”

According to a recent report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General, 87% of hospices that participated in Medicare which were surveyed over a 5-year period had deficiencies; meaning they failed to meet one or more of the Medicare requirements to provide adequate care, and most had multiple deficiencies.

“This means that Our Hospice is in the small 13% of hospices in the country and 5% in the state of Indiana with no deficiencies at all, which by all accounts is an outstanding accomplishment and glowing evidence of the quality of our care” continued Leonard.

Our Hospice of South Central Indiana serves 16-counties in South Central Indiana.

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