Republican candidate Darrell Poling (right) and County Council member Larry Meyer search the results to see if Poling would exit the victor.

With Gary Herbert vacating his seat to run for, and win, mayor, District 4 offered the only guarantee of a new face on the City Council.

Both Democrat Tony Colson and Republican Darrell Poling had limited political experience but exhibited a passion for their district; known recently as “The Honda District.”

When the polls came in, the voters chose Poling over Colson by the closest margin of any race, 298 to 199.

Poling, who had never known the stress and nervousness of running for office, sat in the courthouse on pins and needles as the precincts reported to the clerk’s office.

“I was prepared for the worst,” Poling said later as he and other Republicans celebrated at the Knights of Columbus. “I could feel my heart beating in my neck.”

When the results came in, Poling could hardly believe his eyes, he said.

“I was surprised and ecstatic,” he said with a smile.

Colson left the courthouse quickly and was not available for comment. Poling congratulated his opponent and felt the campaigns were well run.

He was not shy about his and other Republicans’ inexperience in politics, and he knew the seat he was taking over from Herbert would hold many expectations.

“We’ll lean on Gary Herbert. It’s his seat I’m filling and he’s had a lot of accomplishments in that district,” Poling said.

While he and other Republicans had been frequenting every city government meeting possible, Poling said there was still much work to be done.

“We’ve got to get on the fast track and do it quickly. I’ve got a lot of homework to do,” Poling said. “We’re going to listen and learn. We’ll get it done.”

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