RCCF interns

Ripley County Community Foundation summer interns Riley Schebler and Grace Vanderbur are pictured.

RIPLEY COUNTY – The Ripley County Community Foundation is pleased to welcome their summer interns, Grace Vanderbur and Riley Schebler.

The summer internship is designed to provide real-life work experience for students wishing to experience the role that the foundation plays in the community’s quality of life.

Grace is a 2018 North Decatur High School graduate and a current student at DePauw University, entering her fourth year, majoring as an English writing major. She began working at the Community Foundation as a way to become involved in her local communities. On weekends, she likes to spend time with her family and friends.

Riley is a 2021 Oldenburg Academy graduate who plans to attend Indiana University in the fall. Riley previously interned with the RCCF in the fall of 2020, and serves as the current president of the Ripley Youth Outreach program. He chose to intern with RCCF because he believes it would give him more time to better his community. On weekends, he likes to hang out with friends and go golfing.

As summer interns, Grace and Riley will help with office duties, as well as their own tasks that contribute to the Community Foundation. Grace will be helping run the social media accounts, while Riley will be helping with Ripley Youth Outreach projects.

These internships are funded by a grant from Lilly Endowment, Inc. and are available as part of the Community Foundation Internships (CFI) program, which is administered through the Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow (GIFT) program at the Indiana Philanthropy Alliance. CFI is furthering the Endowment’s efforts to build healthy community foundations across the state and provide high-quality internship opportunities.

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