GREENSBURG – Reactions to Wednesday’s riots in Washington, D.C. and the temporary occupation and vandalism of the U.S. Capitol Building have been mixed, but for the most part those the Daily News spoke with or heard from condemned the developments.

U.S. Congressman Greg Pence (R-Columbus) released the following statement: “I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution on behalf of Hoosiers in the 6th District. The United States is a country of law and order. There are millions of American voters in our nation who currently feel disenfranchised, but violence and anarchy is never the answer. The way forward for our nation is to follow the U.S. Constitution. My votes reflect both my support of the Constitution and the disenfranchised voters of the 6th District who feel this election process was intentionally altered for political reasons. This was not what the Founding Fathers intended and it was wrong.”

Indiana Rep. Randy Frye (R-Greensburg) shared similar thoughts in speaking with the Daily News Thursday.

“There’s a lot of frustration out here and a lot of folks are questioning whether or not the election was fair, but even though there may be questions we don’t resort to rioting and we don’t resort to violence,” Frye said. “A lady lost her life because of this, and it’s very unAmerican. It’s not how we handle things. We need to pursue things through the proper channels, which is law and order, and we need to respect the law as we investigate.”

Frye represents Indiana House District 67.

Indiana Rep. Tom Saunders (R-Lewisville) also condemned the violent acts of those involved in Wednesday’s protests.

“I’m disappointed in the president and our members of Congress,” Saunders said. “We can agree to disagree, but I don’t personally think anybody stole any votes. I think the president set this up weeks ago, before the election, by saying if he didn’t win it was because it was a stolen election and we saw the results of that Wednesday. I was proud of Mike Pence for doing what the constitution required him to do.”

Saunders represents Indiana House District 54.

State Senator Jean Leising (R-Oldenburg) made the following statement in responding to an inquiry from the Daily News.

“I was as frustrated and disappointed by the attacks on the capitol [Wednesday] as everyone watching was. The people creating the violence were wrong, and I hope that law enforcement identifies those people who invaded the capitol and will hopefully charge them,” she said. “I’m very happy our elected officials from both parties remained safe throughout the attacks.”

Leising represents Indiana Senate District 42.

Wednesday afternoon, just hours before peaceful protests in Washington turned violent, U.S. Senator Todd Young issued the following statement: “Congress’s role in the presidential election process is narrow by design. The states are responsible for their own elections and for determining the resulting electors. Congress has no authority to do anything other than certify states’ Electoral College votes as reported. For Congress to supplant the will of a state’s certified electors for its own would be unconstitutional and set a dangerous precedent, damaging the integrity of and future respect for the Electoral College.”

Young said he sees value in establishing a bipartisan Election Integrity Committee charged with reviewing the 2020 election and making recommendations to state legislatures to improve the security, integrity, and administration of federal elections.

He added that he plans to join Senator Tim Scott in introducing legislation that would create such a committee.

“We must ensure appropriate safeguards are in place at the state and local level, similar to those we have in Indiana, to restore voters’ trust,” Young concluded.

We also reached out to those who follow the Greensburg Daily News Facebook page for reactions. A few of those responses follow.

Tony Mark Scudder posted: “I do not support the violence at the Capitol, but in my opinion, the politicians and government has brought this upon themselves. Both parties are at fault in the divide in this country. We have seen how the MSM was tripping all over themselves when Obama was in office, but as soon as it was known that Trump won, the MSM would not give him the time of day. They became anti Trump immediately and that carried over to the public that was already divided from the previous administration. We have seen politicians and elitists that have been treated with kid gloves as compared to ordinary citizens. The public has, and continues to be angry, and since the election, that has folks questioning the government and how our elected officials are, in my opinion, covering up for one another and not doing their due diligence in investigating or charging them with any crimes what so ever. This action yesterday was done by a select few to continue adding fuel to an already volatile situation.”

Stephen C Shaffer posted: “My wife and I worked in the U.S. Capitol Building for nearly 15 years, we both had offices in the Capitol and lived a few blocks away. I have lived in the Washington, D.C. area for 40 years and very sight of the Capitol Dome still takes my breath away. The Capitol Building is a powerful majestic symbol of the Freedoms that we all enjoy as American citizens. To see the building desecrated in such a manner is heartbreaking and sickening.”

And Sarah Fleenor posted: “The events that unfolded in DC were absolutely horrific. You can still support who you voted for you just can not support that behavior, ever. I don’t support every member of the Senate or the House and yes, changes need to be made, but for them to be going to work, to a job we ELECTED them too and have their lives one deserves that. We can not move forward if we don’t all act with human decency. Things are changing and sometimes you gotta get in the boat and start rowing instead of rocking it.”

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