GREENSBURG – In preparation for the holiday season, the Salvation Army’s 2019 “Red Kettle” campaign is nearly underway and “bell ringers” are needed in front of the Greensburg Walmart Super Center.

This year’s campaign runs from Nov. 24 to Dec. 24, (minus Sundays) and all proceeds will go to benefit the needy in Decatur County.

Even though the Salvation Army has helped hundreds in the county, the need continues to grow.

Interested volunteers may register this year online, and there will counter-top red kettles at many local businesses throughout the county to accept locations.

Bell ringing is not only a way to add cheer to the season, but it’s also a good source of community service hours. Churches, social groups and civic organizations are welcome to participate, and are urged to save time by using the online registration option at

Once logged on, follow the prompts and then complete the following four step process:

1. Select the dates you are available to ring.

2. Pick the city (in this case, Greensburg) where you are willing to volunteer.

3. Select the location (Greensburg Walmart).

4. Select “See Shifts.” If the shift you wish to serve is not listed, it is probably already taken by another volunteer.

Next, you’ll need to create an individual or group account.

Those signing up will be asked for an email so the Salvation Army can send them reminders about the shift they have chosen to ring.

Executive Director of the Decatur County Greensburg Bread of Life Melissa Foist has been the project coordinator for the last few years and continues coordinating the project again this year.

“If you don’t do computers or can’t figure out the website registration, call the Bread of Life at 812-663-1055 and I’ll get you registered,” she said.

The Salvation Army is actually a Protestant denomination of the Christian Church with over 1.6 million members in 109 countries. It was founded in 1865, in the East End of London, by William Booth.

Booth was an evangelist who wanted to offer practical help to the poor and needy as well as preaching the Gospel to them.

The organization was originally called the Christian Mission, but changed its name to the Salvation Army in 1878.

In the United Kingdom, there are more than 800 Salvation Army parishes, known as “corps,” more than 1,500 ordained officers (ministers), and 54,000 members including senior soldiers, adherents and junior soldiers.

Salvation Army officers wear a military-style uniform, though some officers may wear a more informal uniform when undertaking certain duties. Members of the church often choose to wear a uniform, but are not required to do so.

Salvation Army halls are registered as places of worship. Salvation Army officers are ordained ministers of religion, and can conduct weddings and funerals.

The Salvation Army is famous for its work with people who have fallen on hard times. The organization offers help to the elderly, the young, offenders, drug addicts and blind and disabled people, provides food and shelter for the homeless, and operates food distribution centers across the globe.

Contact Bill Rethlake at 812-663-3111, ext 217011 or email

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