BATESVILLE – Schmidt Bakery, owned by Clem and Bertie Schmidt, was recently voted as the 9th Best Donut Shop in Indiana for 2020.

“We were so excited,” Bertie Schmidt said of receiving the recognition. “We know we have a good product. We know we are well known for our donuts. I know when somebody leaves Batesville and they go away they say, stop and pick up some donuts for us, we miss Schmidt Bakery donuts.”

Bertie said Schmidt Bakery only uses the best quality products in its donuts.

“That’s why our donuts are so good,” Bertie said. “We care about our donuts. If the donut is not right we will throw that donut away.”

The bakery’s top sellers are its glazed donuts and pretzel shaped donuts.

“It’s just a really good experience to eat a good donut,” Bertie said. “People come from all over to get our donuts. We ship donuts all over the United States.”

History of Schmidt Bakery

Clem Schmidt, who initially started the business, came to Indiana from Cincinnati after working in bakeries around the area while in high school.

Clem was one of nine brothers and sisters and he needed a job. He lived a couple of blocks from the local bakery in Cincinnati.

The bakery hired him to fry donuts before school. He would return to the bakery after school to sweep the floors and clean dishes.

“He’s been making donuts since 1963,” Bertie said.

The bakery offered Clem a full time job when he graduated high school. There he learned how to make danish rolls, sweet dough and more.

Clem decided he wanted to open his own business. He came to Batesville, because he had relatives in the area.

Schmidt’s Place opened in 1963 on Walnut Street and sold pizza, donuts and cookies. In 1971, the Batesville Shopping Village was built and Schmidt Bakery moved to its current location at 125 Batesville Shopping Village.

Clem decided to stick strictly to the bakery side of the business and sold off the pizza side of the business.

In addition to donuts, Schmidt Bakery makes wedding cakes, decorated cakes, bread and buns and more.

Schmidt Bakery employs three full time workers and hires additional part time staff, many of which are Batesville High School students. Clem and Bertie’s daughter Ginger also works at the bakery making pies, cookies, brownies and other pastries.

The bakery supports numerous functions that occur in Batesville and the surrounding area.

It is a part of Indiana’s Donut Trail.

Cherry Thing-A-Lings

Schmidt Bakery is also known for its Cherry Thing-A-Lings (cherry fritters), which it makes annually for Presidents Day in February.

“We make a lot of them,” Bertie said. “We have people come from all over and stand in line for three hours to get Cherry Thing-A-Lings. Last year we sold 116,748 of these.”

Each year the bakery rounds up a crew of about 30 people who make Cherry Thing-A-Lings 24 hours a day to keep up with demand. Schmidt Bakery plans to do the same again this year.

“I don’t know exactly how we are going to do it this year with the virus going on, but we’ll figure it out. People are already asking to get their orders in,” Bertie said.

As Schmidt Bakery prepares its Christmas cookies to spread joy this holiday season, Bertie would like to thank all those who support the bakery for their patronage.

“We are very thankful that Batesville and the surrounding area supports us and keeps us in business,” Bertie said. “Thanks to everybody who voted for us.”

The top 10 list of best donut shops in Indiana can be accessed online at

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