School meal prices to increase

File photoBoth lunch and breakfast prices will increase by 10 cents within the Greensburg Community School Corporation next school year.

GREENSBURG — Lunch and breakfast prices within Greensburg Community School Corporation will increase next school year.

It was announced during the June school board meeting that lunch prices will be $2.65 next school year, a 10 cent increase. Breakfast will also increase 10 cents and will be $1.55. Milk prices will be 55 cents.

Reduced meal prices will not change.

Adult meal prices will increase by 15 cents to $3.60.

Even with the price increases, Greensburg schools remains below the state recommended price of $3 for a school lunch.

“It’s actually federal and state guidelines that we have to follow as far as setting those costs, so it’s really out of our control,” Greensburg Community School Corporation Superintendent Tom Hunter said. “We’re way below the recommended price for lunch and breakfast as we are. They just require us to stay within a certain range, and for us to stay within that range we’re going to have to increase it this year.”

Hunter said the school board tries to keep increases as low as possible.

“I think it’s the second year in a row we’ve had to increase, and we try to keep it as minimal of an increase as possible,” Hunter said.

Other district changes

The school board meeting also consisted of changes to the board’s slate of officers.

For the 2019-2020 school year, the president of the school board will be Mark Wolter, the vice president will be Shannon McLeod and the secretary will be Gail Rueff.

McLeod was also sworn in for four more years, and Christy Norton was appointed to the board, replacing David Springmeyer.

Springmeyer will be leaving the board after serving eight years. Hunter and the rest of the board thanked him for his contributions to the school district over the years.

“He’s done a fantastic job and has been involved in many different activities throughout those eight years that has really enhanced the education of kids in Greensburg,” Hunter said.

As for appointments to positions within the district, the following have been hired:

• Jessica Strassell, 3rd grade teacher

• Rory Bauman, 5th grade teacher

• Kendall Messerschmidt, kindergarten teacher

• Alex Fischer, 2nd grade teacher

• Morgan Clinton, junior high math teacher

• Brock Hahn, junior high soccer coach

• Jeremiah Harris, 7th grade girls assistant basketball coach

• Brian Richards, 8th grade girls assistant basketball coach

• Josh Grossman, 7th grade girls basketball head coach

• John Sellers, 8th grade girls basketball head coach

• Heather Helmbrecht, 7th grade volleyball coach

• Greg Redd, 8th grade boys assistant basketball coach

• Elliot Tekulve, 7th grade boys assistant basketball coach

• Jeri Gramman, junior high cheerleading coach

• Andrea Phillips, finance director (beginning in November)

The school board will hold their next regular meeting at 7:30 p.m. July 9 at the Greensburg Central Office.

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