WESTPORT – South Decatur students found success in a recent Crops and Forestry contest.

The students visited South Ripley High School to compete in the competition.

For the crops contests, students are graded on how well they can identify crop and weed type plants and seeds. They also have to identify diseases and damages, take a 50 question quiz, and complete a grain grading worksheet.

Forestry contestants have to identify types of trees by looking at leaves, wood blocks, seeds and then take a written exam.

SDHS ag educator and FFA advisor Lindsey Bedel, who was the crops coach, said she and fellow SDHS ag educator Brent Ertel, the forestry coach, are proud of what the students accomplished.

“We’re very proud of the students,” Bedel said. “They come in at 7 a.m. almost every day of the week until 8 a.m. They put a lot of work in.”

The following are the results of the competition:

The Junior Forestry team of Brayley Sundal, Donovan Hale and Clair Schottmer placed first, with Schottmer placing first as an individual. They will advance to state, which is set for Dec. 14.

The Junior Forestry team of Mary Schwering, Michael Stier and Maria Nobbe placed second as a team. They will also advance to state.

The Senior Crops team of Ben Stier, Blaine Nobbe, and Tony Schwering placed fifth as a team, qualifying for state.

The Junior Crops team of Kate Hamilton, Emma Gatewood and Ty Johnson placed second and qualified for state.

The Senior Crops team of Sam Fairchild, Lizzie Gasper and Gavin Nobbe placed seventh as a team.

“These students are great kids and they try so hard,” Bedel said. “This is seen in their willingness to work hard and come to school early. They were so excited with the results.”

Bedel also said depending on what students choose to do in the future, these competitions could benefit them.

“It depends,” Bedel said. “For me, it helped me with teaching. It all depends on what they choose to do, but it can help them be one step ahead.”

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