Sheriff Durant

Sheriff Dave Durant

GREENSBURG – Dave Durant may have run for Sheriff of Decatur County on the Democrat ticket in 2018, but he is formally becoming a Republican because he has always been a conservative at heart.

“I’m a man of God, pro-law enforcement, and pro-Second Amendment. I always have been,” he said.

Sheriff Durant pointed to what he described as a “hard left turn” in the Democrat party as a primary catalyst to drive him away from the party of progressivism.

“I watch as our major cities burn, cities like Indianapolis where I served for decades, and the common thread is that Democrat elected officials and activists continue to turn their backs on the rule of law and embrace those who threaten our foundational institutions,” he said.

The lawman cites nearly 40 years of law enforcement experience as laying the foundation for his conservatism, though he strives to perform his job in a nonpartisan way.

“For me, the law is blind, requiring the same conduct from all our citizens, and my job is to hold bad actors accountable regardless of race, sex, creed, or kin. That transcends politics, or at least it used to,” he said.

Durant revealed that he cast a Republican primary ballot in 2020, asserting that he associates with the values of the Republican Party and generally supports Republican candidates. Casting that ballot is the only necessary requirement to make himself eligible to run as a Republican if he chooses to run for re-election in 2022.

Decatur County Republican Party Chairman Nate Harter welcomed Durant saying, “The Republican Party is a big tent party. As more and more conservative Democrats become troubled by the radicalism of their national party, we encourage them to evaluate whether the GOP might be a better reflection of their core values and beliefs.”

Durant is the third Hoosier sheriff to become a Republican in recent days, joining Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding and Posey County Sheriff Tom Latham.

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