GREENSBURG — In keeping with memorial programs held near and far Saturday to mark the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks against multiple American targets, a group of friends gathered on the Moscow Road I-74 overpass to wave flags, spread American pride and remind motorists to take a moment to reflect on what is now known as Patriots Day.

As semi-trucks, cars and other vehicles honked and tooted their appreciation upon seeing the gathering atop the overpass, local resident Mark Carmen said, “Robin Meyers started this about four or five years ago, starting with just himself. Now there’s at least 40 of us who come out here to remember 9/11. We do it for 9/11, Memorial Day, and July 4th.”

“This is just a little thing we do for holidays,” Meyers said. “I brought my daughter Sydney with me a few years ago, and she started telling people about it, and here we are. We love to do it on Veterans Day as well.”

Brenda Reed had a different take on the yearly event.

“I have been here every year for this. Each time we’ve done this, it’s grown larger with more people,” she said.

“And it’s just so cool to be up here and watching the reactions of the drivers below. Some will go by and pull off, and then come through again to record it with their phones. ... This is just one thing you can to do to show your American spirit.”

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