Arianna Sia

GREENSBURG — Greensburg Community High School senior Arianna Sia was awarded a full-ride scholarship to the school of her choice by Lilly Endowment, and even though Sia’s acheivement was announced in a previous Daily News article such talent bears closer examination.

Sia said she is proud of her acheivements, but was quick to credit her parents and her faith for her recent success.

“I was shocked when they announced the winner, and even though everyone of those finalists deserved it just as much, receiving this is such a blessing,” the youngster said. “It’s rewarding to see all my hard work paying off. I truly feel like I’m living the American dream.”

Arianne’s parents, Marie and Roniel, immigrated from the Phillipines to provide their three children better access to a good education.

Arianne said her oldest brother Arniel took all college prep courses in high school and as a result was able to earn his degree in three years instead of four. She hopes to follow in his footsteps.

Arianne is in National Honor Society, a member GCHS Student Council and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and is the secretary for the Junior Optimists. She volunteers in the nursery for “Church on Fire” in Batesville where she is also on the worship team and active in her youth group.

Arianne is undecided as to which university she will attend but hopes to go to either Butler, Indiana University or Notre Dame. She plans to study human biology or exercise science and be a physician’s assistant after her college career.

As a Christian, she is thankful for her faith, but credits her parents’ sacrifices for her success.

“I am so grateful for them, and it’s nice to know that what they’ve done has not been in vain. I owe them all of my success,” she said.

What does it take to be a Lilly Scholar?

“Having other people in life that lift you up and support you. You can do it yourself, but having that community behind you pushing you forward, I feel like that will help you truly get where you want to go in life,” she said.

Arianne’s message for her graduating class is one of thankfulness for pushing her onward. She is in contention for valedictorian and has several good friends that are as well.

“I am friends with so many others in my class, and I’m so thankful for their support,” she said.

When asked if she’s a mentor she said, “In a sense, yes. At church I try to be a role model for the younger kids, but I know that I’ve needed mentoring as well,” she said. “There are always those from whom we can learn. No one knows everything.”

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