GREENSBURG — Speranza House, Inc. has purchased a new home at 132 W. Central Avenue in Greensburg, with a tentative move-in date of late October.

The current facility on Washington Street was a perfect start-up location for the first women’s rehab shelter in Greensburg, but the new house behind the old Carnegie library on Washington Street will provide more than just accessibility to residents with mobility challenges; the extra space will allow for more residents, more government funding, and more answered prayers.

“To think we are able to purchase our own home and expand in just two short years is way ahead of what we had imagined would be possible,” said Speranza Board President and co-founder Jennifer Sturges. “I am amazed at the support of our community.”

Speranza House opened in late 2018 and offered eight women at a time a beautifully designed kitchen, dining room, and a living room with a fireplace as well as a spacious back porch and front porch complete with a homey porch swing, and a classroom in its center. The facility offered each guest a fresh start at self-sufficiency and a leg up to full recovery from substance abuse and dependency. But, the facility lacked some of the things it needed including space.

“There were days that I got nothing done but answer the phone and take care of the girls,” said new Speranza House Director Janell Coomer, who took Speranza’s reigns just a few months ago. “And that was great, but there was no privacy and nowhere to lock up important stuff.”

This new location will provide not only a central, lockable office with its own phone line, but in this larger house there’s a day room and a family bedroom for moms to spend private time with their kids.

“This is huge because one of the steps for the Department of Child Services is being able to exercise overnight parenting time,” said Sturges.

Coomer, always focused on the next move, already has plans for the three car garage out back.

“That will be a good bay for the van, but I want that extra space to turn into a classroom,” she said.

Women who live at Speranza each commit to a 12 month program of classes and life skills tutoring. They each share responsibilities, developing personal accountability and regaining self-respect during the time when they’re most likely to to relapse.

Each resident is required to complete a recovery curriculum utilizing the proven approach pioneered by Lynn Kearney, R.N., at the Betty Ford Clinic and detailed in her publication “Living in Balance.”

Each resident is required to attend five or more 12-step based support meetings per week as well as securing and meeting regularly with a sponsor from groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Celebrate Recovery. Each resident meets weekly with a licensed social worker.

“We require the residents to participate in the house – doing laundry, cooking, taking out the garbage – all the things we all do to make life in a home possible. We also teach them financial management, positive parenting skills and help them with their job readiness, helping them secure employment if that’s what they need,” Sturges continued. “We realize that some may require longer than 12 months to finally regain their independence, but that’s OK. We require them to commit at least to 12 months.”

On top of countless classes and workshops that keep the residents busy, each meets weekly with a licensed clinical social worker and Coomer, who makes the residents tow-the-line. Running a tight fisted ship, she knows the path the residents are walking.

“I know what they’re going through, I’ve been there myself,” Coomer has said. “I may be hard on the them sometimes, but I’m not their jailer, nor am I their parent, I make them stick to their recovery curriculum. I’ll be their friend later.”

Speranza, Inc., EIN # 82-5116267, is an Indiana non-profit corporation and is a tax-exempt 501©(3) Public Charity under IRC sec. 170(b)(1)(A)(vi). Donations may be sent to PO Box 213, Greensburg, Indiana 47240.

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