BATESVILLE – St. Louis School received a grant last year from the Ruth and Chester Baylor Foundation to purchase this 3D Letter’s Alive interactive program and our kinders absolutely love it.

It’s quite engaging. Thanks again to the Baylor Foundation for this wonderful opportunity and resource.

Kindergarten students recently learned about the Letter Y, focused on sentence segmentation and dictation while recognizing nouns and verbs. St. Louis School kindergarten teacher Krista Konradi then asked a student to create a simple sentence on their own for the class about Yosebee the Yak. Kindergarten teachers will be calling on students each week to help play the role of teacher.

Students also focused on phonemic awareness with phoneme segmentation and blending by putting the onset and rhyme of a word together. St. Louis School is proud of its kindergarten students.

Infromation provided by St. Louis Catholic School

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