Batesville Middle School seventh-grade advanced language arts students wrote about a typical day during the stay-at-home order under the direction of teacher Lisa Barnett.

Excerpts from four school assignments are representative of what children are thinking now.

Annabelle Nunlist wrote, “Sleeping in and wearing pajamas are now a typical routine. Before the lockdown, I had to wake up at 5:40 a.m. to get ready for school. During the pandemic, I typically get out of bed at around 7:30 a.m. Also, instead of getting ready for school, I get to stay in my pajamas. After I wake up, I go to my living room and start some of my schoolwork. I finish as much work as I can before I go get breakfast. Breakfasts now are usually something I can cook, like pancakes or eggs.”

“From busy, busy, busy to bored and nothing to do.” After lunch, “because all of my schoolwork is now completed, I have plenty of time to go for a walk outside. If the weather isn’t cooperating, I usually just relax and watch TV. Playing with (dog) Tootsie is another thing that I usually do every afternoon. ... My mom, sister and I go for a ride around 3 because it gives us something to do.”

“Calm and relaxing are a couple words that describe my evenings. ... Usually after supper, I like to go outside or for another walk. Then, at around 8, my family and I watch either a TV show or a movie. Disney movies are our favorite to watch, though we don’t have one specific favorite. We usually will play a board game if there is nothing to watch. Board games that we like to play include Life and Trouble.”

“There are many lessons we can learn from this, such as family is the most important thing, and we don’t realize what we have until it’s gone.”

Abby Hartz reviewed her daily schedule: “Imagine being forced to stay at home all day – every day. Picture being unable to see your friends, go to school or even play sports. Imagine worrying about you and your family getting the terrifying disease raging across the country. This is what our life is like.”

“Do I sleep late in the mornings? Of course, I do! The first item on my agenda when I finally wake up is to go downstairs and greet my family. We all relax on the couch for a few minutes to let ourselves wake up. Next, my dad usually stays home and lovingly prepares breakfast while my mom, brother and I take our sweet corgi, Penny, on a walk. ... Thankfully, both of my parents are able to work from home, for which I am grateful. I race up the stairs to my room and open my laptop to do my schoolwork for the day, and I usually FaceTime with some friends so we can keep in touch and help each other with the schoolwork.”

“In the afternoon, I use my time to relax and get rid of stress. After a tasty lunch, I retreat back to my room and finish up my e-learning classes. Next, I usually practice for my music lessons. I play piano and ukulele, and I sing. Making music is one of my favorite activities. Then I like to relax by sketching or coloring. Doing art helps me to relieve stress, and I find it very relaxing. Penny is usually full of energy in the afternoon, so we take another hike – if the weather allows it – on the beautiful Brum Woods trails. On Tuesdays and Fridays, I log on to my Skype music lessons after the walk. I have ukulele, followed by piano, on Tuesdays, while my voice lesson happens on Friday. ... Art and music are some of my favorite things to do, and they are keeping me sane during this crazy time.

“My evenings are slightly more packed than the rest of my day! If it is Tuesday or Thursday, I have to get ready for ballet. I have to put on my leotard and tights, and put my hair in a ballet bun. ... After I eat, I push aside the kitchen table and sweep the floor so I have room to dance for my ballet class ... on Zoom. It is nice to see my friends and teachers from ballet.” Then “I change into my soft pajamas, and my family (including Penny) piles on our comfy couch to watch TV or play a game, usually a board game, before bed.”

Shanna Smith explained her routine in a changed world: “Beep-beep! My alarm goes off at 7:52.” Breakfast is “usually a bowl of cereal or a delicious waffle covered in sprinkles and chocolate chips. Once I have devoured my food, I’m ready for e-learning. I would much rather be at school than doing online classes. They aren’t too hard, but I have always loved going to school. Most e-learning is completed at my desk before I do anything else. ... When I hear my mom turn on ‘The Price is Right’ in the background, I know it’s almost time to eat lunch. All in all, I feel like I’ve had a pretty productive morning.

“The savory smell of pepperoni pizza drifts toward my bedroom. My favorite part about lunch is being able to choose my own food instead of eating the school lunch.” Then “I will most likely take my ukulele outside to play. Sometimes I will just play random chord progressions, but I will also play songs like ‘The Judge’ and ‘Slowtown’ by Twenty One Pilots. ... The rest of my afternoon will be spent reading or researching random subjects. I recently researched about McCormick cipher. It is a compelling way to keep me busy and still feed my brain information.”

“At dinner, Daren and I ask my dad if anything interesting happened at work, but I am too busy eating to talk much. If the weather is pleasant, we all will go outside and play with my dog, Bella, or fish in the pond. ... ‘Cake Boss’ comes on at 7 p.m. on Thursdays. My dad, my mom and I love to decorate and bake cakes, so we plop down on our couch and watch the newest episodes. If a rerun is on, I’ll watch a show called ‘Lost Cities’ on Disney+ until it gets late enough to go to bed.”

“It’s hard to get used to not seeing my grandparents at church or going over to visit them. Not being able to go shopping or go to a restaurant every once in a while can make you go a little stir crazy. A lesson I have learned during this quarantine is that you should never take the simple things in life for granted. You should always enjoy every moment you have with somebody.”

Annie Negovetich described her typical daily schedule. “I wake up at 8:30 to the sound of my dreadful alarm. ... Usually, I eat Lucky Charms, but I might have yogurt with granola. ... Cleaning my room involves making my bed, putting away laundry and folding blankets. Having a clean room motivates me when I do my schoolwork. Finally, I accomplish my e-learning for the day. Depending on what assignments I get assigned, e-learning usually takes about three to five hours to complete.”

For lunch, “I usually have a turkey sandwich, but I might have a yogurt bowl. Next, if it is nice outside, I will play volleyball, ride in the UTV or ride in the go-kart. If it isn’t nice outside, then I will most likely craft something. Embroidery is something I have learned to do in quarantine, so I have been embroidering lots of canvases and shirts.”

“My dad has been grilling a lot ever since quarantine started. I’m not complaining because dinner is my favorite meal. Next, I will FaceTime my friends for a long time. We usually talk about clothes, what we’re going to do after quarantine, schoolwork and other random topics. Finally, I will watch more Netflix to fall asleep. I watch the show ‘Victorious’ on Netflix. Without Netflix, I wouldn’t have been able to survive quarantine.

“My quarantine is probably a lot different than anyone else’s, though. On April 1, both of my grandparents, Marti and Frank Clark, tested positive for COVID-19 and were transferred to Christ Hospital in Cincinnati. My grandma was a medical miracle. She worked extremely hard and made her way into rehab. Now, she is working on walking. However, my grandpa’s recovery has been much slower, but he is doing better. The hardest part of them being in the hospital is we can’t visit them. FaceTimes give us access to communicate and see them. I can’t wait for them both to be back home and healthy.”

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