Sunoco station, restaurants coming to Greensburg

Just as the signage reads, a new Sunoco station and restaurants will soon be coming to Greensburg.

GREENSBURG – A Sunoco station and three new restaurants will soon call Greensburg home.

Two months ago, it was announced that a project being developed by Keegan McCamment was planned for the area in front of Hampton Inn and Suites. Those who have been in that vicinity lately might have seen a sign stating a Sunoco station and restaurants are on the way.

The project being developed by McCamment is valued at approximately $2.6 million.

McCamment recently provided an update on the effort, and what it entails.

“There will be two restaurants in that gas station,” McCamment said. “We’re really looking for someone to start their own business, and they’ll be a business partner of mine. There are two or three interested right now, and they’ll have an opportunity for a drive-thru.”

The two restaurants inside the station have yet to be determined, though construction of the project has essentially started.

“We’ve hauled in the base for the parking lot, and we’re hoping to break ground on the building by mid-November,” McCamment said. “The red brick house to the east of the site will be torn down, and then that will be site-ready for a restaurant. We already have two restaurants looking to expand to Greensburg.”

The restaurant, which will occupy the site of the current red brick house, is separate from the two restaurants that will be in the Sunoco station.

That restaurant, as well, has yet to be determined.

McCamment said he expects to have the gas station, as well as the two restaurants inside, to be ready by April 1, 2020.

Greensburg-Decatur County Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Bryan Robbins has previously said this is “incredibly important” for the area in front of the Hampton, which he said the Hampton has acknowledged.

“We’ve met with the Hampton Inn, listened to what they feel would be a complement, and working toward something that would add to the community and provide opportunities for local entrepreneurs,” Robbins said.

It was also recently announced that Starbucks, along with another restaurant, will eventually occupy the site of the old Waffle House. In addition to other projects being developed, specifically those of Jeff Whitaker that includes a travel plaza and a hotel, Robbins seems optimistic about the future of Greensburg.

“As for the developments in general, we’re always pleased when developers see your community as a promising one and willing to invest in it,” Robbins said. “Every investment means risk, and I think the community has been a good partner on many of these projects in helping to mitigate at least a portion of that risk. We’re still looking for additional, creative ways to incentivize further investments, particularly smart growth projects, that will help our future look the way we want. As we look at these developments, going beyond the retail and food sector, I’m pleased to see that these are local developers expanding existing businesses, taking older businesses to new heights, and even creating facilities that are dedicated to help launch entrepreneurs.”

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