Supporting a local classroom

Karen Meeker’s music class at SDES can be supported by purchasing items from their Amazon Wish List.

GREENSBURG – The community has the opportunity to come together to support a music class at South Decatur Elementary School.

The SDES music room, led by teacher Karen Meeker, recently released an Amazon Wish List of much needed supplies for their classroom.

The list ranges from books, cleaning supplies, writing utensils, and musical instruments.

For those interesting in supporting the classroom, the list can be found by visiting

Meeker, who is currently in her 24th year as a teacher at SDES, said being a teacher has greatly impacted her life.

“Every day I’m inspired by my students to overcome the odds, have fun, and make music,” Meeker said. “To see a student that loves to come to music class makes my day.”

And the needed classroom items might just provide more opportunities for these students.

Meeker has seen, first hand, just how important music classes are at the local elementary school.

“I have seen shy kids come alive on stage and even improvise in front of an audience,” Meeker said. “I have seen students that have poor attendance suddenly want to come to school because they are in the school’s musical. I’ve seen students that say they aren’t good at singing develop into soloists. I have seen students that beg to sing ‘God Bless the USA.’ I have seen several students go through the music program at South that have gone into the music field – music teacher, performers, and students that have studied acting. Music plays a big part in people’s lives.”

Meeker said she selected the items on the wish list to “shake things up a little bit.” However, she made sure to point the items that are needed most.

She specifically mentioned the instruments, books, dry erase pockets, sit spots and pencils.

“My students love to play instruments,” Meeker said. “We don’t have any egg shakers, and the maracas are to replace the ones that are broken. The books would be something new for my classroom. Many books can be spoken in rhythm. Students can decipher the rhythm by writing it out. We can then add instruments and movement to the stories we have read. Dry erase pockets would be nice to have so that I could save paper. Sit Spots would be nice to have when we are dancing or forming a circle. Pencils, I go through tons of pencils. Students have to be able to write and draw rhythms.”

Decatur County is a community that looks out for each other. Meeker is hoping they’ll support their classroom.

“I can’t tell you how much this will help the students of SDES,” Meeker said. “The students appreciate everything that is done for them. If I can make my class more fun by doing new, cool projects and songs, the students will appreciate the process of learning music even more.”

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