Taking care of the community

Bill Rethlake | Daily NewsCity employee Bruce Bockover continues helping keep Greensburg clean.

GREENSBURG — City employee Bruce Bockover can often be seen wandering the streets of Greensburg in his bright yellow shirt with reflective stripes, tugging a trash can behind him, picking up trash. On any given day, he can be seen on the train tracks, in the city’s parking lots and even occasionally out at one of the factory parking lots.

He does this mostly on his own time.

“I’ve been asked why I do this,” Bockover said. “And I tell people that I do it because I care. If someone new comes to town and sees an area I’ve cleaned, maybe they’ll be more convinced to move to Greensburg. If someone is visiting from another city during a holiday, like the Fourth of July, I want them to see a city that’s kept clean.”

“And maybe I’ll inspire some of our residents to stop and pick up the trash on their own properties. It’s important to put our best face forward.”

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