GREENSBURG — If Greensburg “stacks its lumber” just so, our beloved community might just get national attention as one of the few cities chosen to receive a complete makeover – and have it filmed for HGTV’s upcoming series “Home Town Takeover.”

Ever since Ben and Erin Napier of the hit series Home Town Takeover helped transform Laurel, Mississippi, fans from small towns across America have flooded HGTV with requests to take on the renovation of their hometown.

Through Friday, Feb. 7, anyone who loves their hometown can log on to and submit photos and video clips explaining why they feel their hometown is the community most deserving of receiving a complete “extreme makeover.”

With the Napiers leading the charge, the selected town, with a population of less than 40,000, will be treated to the rehab of multiple individual family homes and the revitalization of public spaces such as parks, local diners and recreation centers. And, the town will be featured in Home Town Takeover (formerly know as Home Town Rescue), a six-episode series slated to premiere on HGTV in 2021.

“We could possibly get our entire town made over, and if we didn’t win it would still be a cool opportunity for our town to come together,” said Tourism Marketing Chairman Daniel Fayette.

Considering the zeitgeist for Greensburg in 2020 is growth and development, this looks like an opportunity to continue with the Stellar Communities Iniatitives, and maybe even get some of them paid for!

With recently elected Mayor Josh Marsh present, as well as Chamber of Commerce Director Jeff Emsweller and the Economic Development Corporation’s Amy Borns taking part in the conversation, the seven-member Decatur County Visitors Commission (or Tourism) recently tossed ideas back and forth during their usual noon meeting.

After a short discussion led by Fayette, Board President Ryan Maddux and DCVC Executive Director Philip Deiwert, the Board elected to give it a try.

“I think it’s an exciting opportunity for our community, and Daniel’s team is very capable of putting together an amazing presentation, so I think we have a good shot,” said Deiwert.

Small towns from all over the country will try to convince the network why their town, with its historic architecture and classic main street, should be the one town featured in the upcoming event series.

“People from the community have been sending us the link and letting us know it’s happening. I think the people in Greensburg thought we were a good organization to make it happen, and so it’s here,” said Fayette.

Fayette, an Internet Media Specialist and accomplished videographer on retainer, said that Tourism, the ARTistree Council, the Decatur County Community Foundation, and the Chamber of Commerce will all take part in planning the materials needing submission, and that he and his staff of Jacob Nobbe and Brady Domingo will be the actual technicians assembling the media.

“I think the community really wants to see this happen, and like they say, anything can happen if you believe!” Fayette said.

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