A late 2021 meeting of the Washington Township Advisory Board in which a proposed bond for cleaning up Lake McCoy was discussed. In a recent meeting, the Board was asked to make the minutes of previous meetings available prior to upcoming meetings.

GREENSBURG — The public availability of minutes from past meetings was discussed at a recent meeting of the Washington Township Advisory Board.

Local resident Sandy Nieman asked the Board if the minutes from Board meetings could be made available to the public prior to the next upcoming meeting – perhaps the day before.

Assistant Township Trustee Charity Mitchell responded by saying that Board minutes are not public record until they have been approved.

Nieman continued, asking if a spot for public comment could be added to future agendas.

Board members agreed they are all willing to hear from the public.

Stewart suggested Nieman call the Trustee’s office prior to a meeting and ask to be put be put on the agenda; Nieman indicated she would.

After the meeting adjourned, Nieman was asked for comment about what transpired. She responded by citing a Daily News article that detailed city attorney Chris Stephens saying no one had attended special bond meetings about Lake McCoy. It should be noted that the Township Trustee is required by law to advertise those meetings in a public forum, and they were advertised in the Daily News.

Nieman said it would be helpful if the meetings were posted on social media, and said that the information should be on the Township website.

“We’ve asked several times for more transparency, and we’re struggling getting that,” she said.

When asked for comment, Washington Township Advisory Board President Jim Stewart said, “The Washington Township Board is appreciative of the recent involvement of our constituents in our meetings and we value the input they provide. ... The Township office plans to work with the county on publishing Township information on the county website to keep our community informed on upcoming meetings, preliminary meeting agendas and meeting minutes. We look forward to partnering with interested community members to make Washington Township a better place to live, work and raise a family.”

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