This graph shows the number of Decatur County weekly positive COVID-19 cases through the last week of March to date. Decatur County Department of Health Readiness Coordinator Sean Durbin said Decatur County's early declaration of a "red status" during the crisis "really dropped the number of cases dramatically," and added that a good part of his day is no longer comprised with "heat of the moment crisis calls." He also said he is receiving more calls from businesses trying to insure employee and customer safety in installing mitigating measures in their locations. "Places like Walmart have been doing the best they can by counting the people as they come in. There are still issues with people bringing whole families to the store and not wearing masks, but Walmart has been proactive in their response. What's going on in their stores is simply out of their control," Durbin said. "People need to wear masks, and don't go out if it's not necessary. Returning the status to yellow doesn't mean things return to normal because we still need to keep those numbers down. I keep saying this, but we should all assume that the other person is positive and we should take the proper precautions."