Josh Tressler

GREENSBURG — Decatur County Central Dispatch Director Erika Free introduced Josh Tressler as the newly hired Decatur County Tech Director during a recent meeting of the Decatur County Commissioners.

Free previously told the commissioners the county was in need of a staff member specifically tasked with maintaining the county’s technology infrastructure and networking equipment, and said members of the emergency management team could no longer address those issues.

Tressler will serve as the Public Safety Network Engineer for the Greensburg Police Department, Greensburg Fire Department, Decatur County Emergency Management Agency, Decatur County Sheriff’s Department and Detention Center, and Decatur County Communications to ensure the integrity of all Decatur County public safety networks and infrastructure.

Tressler is a Greensburg native with 12 years of network engineering experience and 16 years of public safety experience including being a reserve officer, a part-time dispatcher, and an IT consultant for public safety agencies in Greensburg and Decatur County.

Free said Tressler has roughly 17 years experience working in the county in various related positions and will be “hitting the ground running.”

Commissioner Rick Nobbe asked if most or all of the work Tressler was directed to do would come through Free’s office. Free responded by saying he would answer to the same advisory board that she did, and that she would be constantly in contact with him throughout the day.

She also noted some “overlap issues” were expected to be addressed in the very near future.

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