Two restaurants moving to old Waffle House site

Two new businesses, one which is confirmed to be a Starbucks, will soon occupy the area formerly home to Waffle House.

GREENSBURG — Two businesses will reportedly move to the area formally occupied by Waffle House.

The two restaurant establishments, one which has yet to be made public, are expected to begin development next year.

One of the businesses, which was discussed publicly during this week’s Greensburg Plan Commission meeting, is a Starbucks.

The Plan Commission unanimously approved the site plan for the projects contingent upon the city engineer approving the final storm water control plan.

After three decades, the Waffle House of Greensburg went out of business in the fall of 2018. However, that area appears to soon be home to two new businesses.

The Waffle House was located at 2310 N. Ind. 3.

There are three parcels as part of the project. The first two parcels are for the development of the two ONRA, LLC projects, and the other parcel will be an additional 45 feet of right of way dedicated to the city.

The Starbucks side of the building will be 2,250 square feet, and the other side will be approximately 1,900 square feet.

According to Building Commissioner Kathy Reynolds, ONRA, LLC is the developer for the project.

“I’m glad to see the city growing, commercial building especially,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds referenced the three projects that were brought to the public’s attention last month.

The first project, from developer Jeff Whitaker, is a Fairfield Inn and Suites, which is operated by Marriott, and is expected to be a three-story building. The total cost of the project is just above $12 million. The hotel would be built just north of the small body of water located near Veterans Way with the main entrance facing the road itself.

The second project is for a convenience store and a Sonic fast-food restaurant as part of a four-acre travel plaza across from the Shell gas station along Michigan Avenue. The project is expected to be around the $2.5 million mark.

The final project, being developed by Keegan McCamment, is for a convenience store and a yet-to-be-determined food establishment in front of the Hampton Inn and Suites. Another fast-food establishment is expected to be a part of the convenience store. This project is approximately $2.6 million.

According to Reynolds, the current plan is to begin the development process next spring.

Reynolds spoke about the importance of that area being developed.

“I think it’s great for that intersection, I think it’s a great fit for the old Waffle House site,” Reynolds said. “When it comes to new restaurants, anything commercial building, I think it’s always an asset for our city.”

The Daily News will provide more information as it becomes available.

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