There were many motions, seconds and unanimous yes votes with a Merry Christmas chaser at the water board meeting held at the city building at 6:00, Tuesday December 21. Chuck Storie opened the meeting with the pledge of allegiance and roll call was taken by Donna Lecher. Frank Massey was the only absentee. Minutes from last meeting were accepted as written.

Rick Denney started the business portion with a request to accept proposals to replace 1600 feet of the eight inch main water line. The portion needing replaced is west of railroad tracks on 46 east to West Street. The estimated cost appears to be $55.00 per foot, with a total cost of $88,000 including material and labor. The water plant plans to use the in-house engineer which will translate into a 15-20 percent savings. The board discussed this to be a Spring time project and Robin Meyer made the motion to accept proposals, John Wall seconded the motion and it was passed with a unanimous vote of all present board members.  

A motion was made by Robin Meyer for Land acquisition for well development. The proposed land is on Moscow road and is currently being drilled. Motion was seconded by Tony Higginbotham, and passed unanimously with a jolly Merry Christmas by Chairman Chuck Storie.  

Gary Murray stated the need to get quotes for 1,000 RFP Radio Read Meters, and 500 a year for the next five years. The money had been placed aside in 2002 to purchase 500 per year but had not been used.  The current weather conditions had required the Water department to estimate fees for December.  Murray requested the project be moved along and accept bids. He suggested that bids be accepted for 3 to 4 weeks and information be made available for contractors online. Water board attorney, Tim Coriden, stated it was important that contractors realize bids need to be compatible with current equipment and software. The motion was made by Tony Higginbotham to advertise for bids, and was seconded by John Wall. The motion passed.

HTNB Darren Burkhart told the board as of December 7 that 85 percent of the main line had been installed. He felt things were progressing nicely and would be completed the end of February or early March.  Burkhart did not foresee any problems and stated that the contractors had a protocol to inspect each section of pipe. Burkhart also presented two calendars to the Mayor that showcased the Greensburg Water Plant. HNTB chose Greensburg for their calendar and a professional photographer was hired to take photos for the calendar. Stop by the Mayor’s office and have a look, the pictures are stunning.

Mayor Gary Herbert took the floor and thanked the board members for their diligence and support to himself and the citizens of Greensburg. Chuck Storie ended the meeting with a "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."

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