Members of the Young at Heart seniors fellowship group in Westport gather for their monthly pitch-in at Westport Christian Church Family Life Center.

WESTPORT – Since Westport Christian Church Assistant Pastor Kim Huffman began the Westport Young at Heart lunch group, it’s become quite the thing in the southern Decatur County community.

With as many as 60 over-55 community members enjoying the once monthly pitch-ins, it’s quite a fashionable group to be part of, never mind the fun and good food!

“Yesterday, we only had about 38 attend, but we’ve got over 60 names of people coming to our pitch-ins, and it’s not just the Westport Christian Church, it’s the whole community,” Huffman said.

A retired pastor before coming to Westport, Goshen native Kim Huffman answered an appeal from Pastor Mike Bartlett, who was looking for someone to start a seniors ministry. Working at Flatrock Christian Church and having baptized Bartlett himself, the two had a friendship before meeting again at their current church.

“I was retired for about a year and didn’t like it,” Huffman said, smiling.

So, in the seven months since this all occurred, the ministry called “Young at Heart” has garnered more than 60 followers.

“Yesterday, we had UFOs. Unfinished objects,” Huffman said. “Everyone brought in their unfinished crafting projects, and after we had our pitch-in we all helped each other get those projects done. Our pitch-ins start at 11:30.”

Actually starting last fall, the group met the third Friday of each month. However, after learning that many couldn’t attend on that particular day they went to the third Tuesday, to alternate.

“Those who can’t come on a Friday can come next month on a Tuesday,” Huffman said.

Not based on any particular faith or practice, the group meets every month in the Westport Christian Church Family Life Center. Attendance is open to anyone in the county.

A flyer circulates in Westport every month advertising the next meeting, and it’s announced at the Westport Christian worship services.

“That’s how we advertise, by word of mouth,” Huffman said. “We just like to eat! We like to be together and we like to have fun,” Huffman said.

Membership for those 55 or older in Young At Heart is free.

Those interested are invited to call 812-591-3807 for additional information.

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