Wilder named Adams Township trustee

Bill Rethlake | Daily News | Charity Wilder has been named the new trustee of Adams Township. Previous Trustee Charlie Bill Connall resigned from the position, stating health concerns.

GREENSBURG — A Republican Party leader of Decatur County recently named Charity Wilder as the new Adams Township trustee. The position was recently occupied by Charlie Bill Connall, who resigned, stating health concerns.

Republican Party leader Nathan Harter said, “I was pleased to appoint Charity Wilder as Adams Township trustee and she will do honor to her predecessor, Charlie Bill Connall, to whom we owe a debt of gratitude.

“Among multiple competitive candidates, Charity had a slight edge by virtue of her work in the Washington Township Trustee’s Office. I know she will dedicate herself to meaningful stewardship off her new office, conserving the best parts while developing improvement on behalf of the people of Adams Township,” Harter concluded.

“The township offices are similar, but drastically different,” Wilder said on Tuesday. “The Washington Township Office does a great deal of needy relief, and at Adams Township there’s not nearly the same focus. The volunteer fire departments in Adams Township are both facing issues. Both are looking at building new facilities, and with the recent weather, since a lot of Adams Township donors are farmers, those donors will be holding on to their money tighter.

“Because of this weather, the farmers are not going to have much money to donate for the next couple of years. People don’t understand it, but that’s why it’s been so serious this year. No crops planted, no money,” she said.

“Regardless of the nice stretch of weather we’ve been having recently, the damage is already done,” Wilder said. “This is really going to make fundraising for those new fire departments difficult,” she explained.

“It just really scares me,” Wilder finished.

Wilder’s office as Adams Township trustee will be at the Adams Volunteer Firehouse. Because needy relief is very low on the list of important responsibilities compared to Washington Township, she will not be required to have a set list of required office hours, but wanted to make her cell number known.

“I plan to answer that phone as well. There’s a lot that needs to get done, and I’m ready to dig in,” Wilder said.

“I feel pretty confident I can help get those things done. I’m not ready to write a check today, but I am ready to join into partnership with the people in Adams Township and move forward.”

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