RUSHVILLE – Be on the lookout for a “bombing” coming to Rushville next month. No need to panic, this “bombing” may brighten your day.

Board members of imagine:nation rush, inc. are preparing for their next community project – a yarn bombing. The idea is to transform a few spots in Rushville with a temporary visual art display using yarn.

On April 2, the organization was notified that it had received a Quick Impact Placebased Grant from the Office of Rural and Community Affairs. The grant is designed to fund community projects that enhance a space and that sparks community-wide conversation and creativity.

“Obviously due to the pandemic, we have delayed planning and implementing our idea. Previous Rushville resident Carrie Wilson Billman will be our ‘visiting artist’ (paid artist is part of the grant) and will help in the planning and installation of the project. We are so excited to get this grant and be able to have the community help us ‘bomb’ the town with color and show that we have such creative individuals in our county,” Michele Orme, President of imagine:nation rush, inc., said. “With so much happening in Rushville and Rush County lately, we are working to keep that momentum alive as far as arts and culture goes.”

Some of the project ideas include decorating trees, bicycles, benches, posts and more with yarn, fabric and ribbon. The hope is to have all kinds of creative, colorful artistic displays around the community.

The organization will incorporate bike racks as a part of the project and those racks will be donated to the City of Rushville Parks Department.

The project and installation date is Aug. 29.

“This is definitely a community project. We are wanting people to make things ahead of time and/or come and help create the art installation on Aug. 29. We want the community to show their creativity with this,” Orme added. “I’m extremely excited to see how the community can work together to make a bright, positive visual impact on our little part of the world.”

The organization set 10 goals in developing its master plan. Two of those were developing art installations along the trails connecting parks and implementing unexpected temporary art in public spaces.

“The yarn bombing will be temporary, but the handmade bike racks will be permanent pieces of art that will stay in the parks and downtown,” Orme said.

The organization is accepting memberships for half price the rest of 2020. Individuals can join for $5, families for $7.50, students for $2.50 and corporate sponsors for $100. Members gain perks at events, such as discounts or early buying privileges.

“We want to get as many people involved in this project and in our group as possible. We are a registered and legal 501©3 non profit corporation having been active for only a little over a year. We have had two open mic nights, a silent auction of painted chairs, partnered with the city to host a Japanese music group, an alcohol ink class, hosted a speaker/workshop called Arts, Community & Place, partnered with the city to sponsor the INseparable Film Tour, and co-sponsored the youth art contest at Wilkie Days. We truly are arts and culture,” Orme said.

Contact Aaron Kirchoff at

Contact Aaron Kirchoff at

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